Apr 30, 2010

Seriously i dont know why i start to hate Photography
more & more even since this week's lesson!!!

Im not sure why but maybe because of the presentations
which we had for the almost the whole week...

Maybe im just decieving myself or hate myself for choosin this elective
but what i really know is

Happy 18th Birthday to both Jiang Bin & Irwin (:

Right now im in South Wing, library, doin our presentation for com. skills.
Cant beileve that com. skill actually have presentation...
& the topic for the presentation is 'introducing others'
quite a lame topic rigth ???

I forgot to change my dental appointment 'again'....
Maybe later, maybe tmr...
All i can say is,,,
i will definately drag to my appointment date...

Apr 27, 2010

Something bad happen...
had a mis-communication with my grandmother.
So right now she's very angry
& my aunt is goin to say all to my dad...

So called like 'complain' to my dad about my grandmother
even though this sat we're celebratin my grandfather's birthday (:

"When you're in love,
means you're in love"

Heard this just now via the tv series in Channel 8!

So this is quite a short post
but do bare with me (:

there's a SaSa beauty fair @ hougang mall L1
& i bought 1 makeup base & foundation from Lioele.
The actual price for the makeup base is $25,
but right now, i bought @ $19.90.
As for the foundation, it cost $35 but i bought @ $19.90.
Isnt it a good bargian ???

& the foundation i bought is the best seller foundation called Lioele Beyond The Solution.
So damn happy (:

*just for your info,
the beauty fair ends this friday.

Apr 25, 2010

& this just be a Happy Birthday post (:

lets see...

Happy -
18th birthday to fengkuan (16/4)
18th birthday to ZiYin (22/4)
14th birthday to my sister, mingzhen (25/4)

Apr 24, 2010

Can just say that a lot of things happen in school,
this whole week.

Not sure a total of how many things happened
but i can assure you, some are a bit ridiculous, some may have a 'OMG' face
& etc.

Monday, first day of school
19/4 -
first period starts @ 10.10am & the first lesson of the day is digital electronic lecture.
everyone was damn attentive durin lecture.
seems to me like everyone was takin down notes which the lecturer had said

Thn we had a new classmates,
not sure how to spell her name xP
*opps, sry (:

Tuesday, 20/4 -
had my elective course called exploring photography
our tutor introduced us to the history of cameras & the first camera was bulit in the 18th century.
their camera size was the same size as the HDB wall.
Unbeilevable right,
so do i...
after which is presentation skills module.
Our lecturer - mr thong, he's damn funny...
Durin the lecture,
all we did besides listenin to lessons we had lots of hilarious times
all tks to mr thong (:

Wednesday, 21/4 -
Went to school for just 4periods of school
but actually,
its supposed to be 2periods of lessons,
last 2 was consultation lesson for digital electronic (:
but did learn other web codes...

Thursday, 22/4 -
school starts @ 8am
& i cant believed a can reached school before 8 [=
database lecture was super bored
edwin was sleppin with his mouth open xP
& a few were web-cam,
even though they sat just a few rows away or 1 row difference.

Last lesson was C.Math
didn expect randy, qin's classmate & friend too, joined my class...
got the reason from qin is because he failed & retake & got into my class [=

Waited for both syl&qin to end lesson
From a fine weather to a rainy weather...
all tks to qin.
syl also complained to her...
said she's so tua pai(in chinese)
i waited for her for an hr, as for syl, half an hr
& still complained more than me...

Friday, 23/4 -
finally its the last day of the week...
end school @ 4ppm
& the last lesson was com. skill 1
damn borin can...
but what to do when the tutor was like...
her facial expression seems to me like she's a fierce person...
*eehhhh....im scared... xP
ohh & i rushed over to look for qin to pass back her com. skills booklet
which is not the same as mine.

& pen (which is what qin called her)
looks different from the time i lasted saw him...
qin said he cut his hair
yea,,, but the only different was his hair 'volume' xP

& went to watched shutter island

Went with eve, shiming, juliana, OGL- sky&azhari
total 6 of us.
went to Cineleisure Orchard
i rated the moive 4.5/5
the other 0.5 was because the moive was a bit blurry
& there's a lot puzzles for us to think & solve.

But overall,
its a nice movie [=

That's all...
need to finish up on my web design.
got to hand in tmr xP

Apr 15, 2010

My timetable is out, but not the 'confirm-ed' ones.
But basically my timetable is better than qin, my cousin xP
who, too, studied the engin info in nyp (:
I think i got her so-called 'send-me-ur-timetable virus' *opps
as i asked yongliang to send me his xP
so that probably can arrange a time to go home together...
as well as qin too (:

Qin heard that she's gonna have night classes for this year,year2
but turns out...
she's just scarin herself >.<

Goin back to my timetable,,,,
its like....
Mon - 10.10-5pm
Tue - 12.05-6pm
Wed - 11-12.55pm
Thur - 8-4pm
Fri - 10.10-4pm

Obviously wed was a hateful day...
i only have 2 periods of lesson & WTH do i have to go to school just for that 1 subject....
Cant believed its true...

Here's a review on qin's timetable (if she don nag @ me for copy&paste it xP)
Monday - 10.10 to 6pm
Tuesday - 2 to 4pm
Wednesday - 8 to 11am
Thursday - 8 to 5pm
Friday - 8 to 6pm

Poor thing as she'd 3days of lessons starin from 8am,
which is the startin school time xP

as 'we' can see...
(in conclusion)
if we're plannin to go back home together,
i have to wait for her on mon, thur&fri
& in return, she has to wait for me on wed only...
Not fair right ???

As some maybe wonderin 'what about tue ???'
Well, i plan to stay over @ my grand's place which is 9stops away if you take bus 72.

That's my plan, for now...
Maybe qin's dad will be nice on both mon&fri to fetch me back home
as she ends @ 6pm
& accordin to her she said her dad 'may' fetch her back to our grandma's place
which is also equal to my house when she ends school @ 6pm [x
Should be grateful to him if he really can hahax.
Must plan with qin first...
or else may have a misunderstandin xP

Got my school's student card/ID....
Yesterday went to school & instead of goin to the Student Affairs Room or something,,,
has to go over to L3 to NYP Lounge...
Didn notice that signboard located @ the elevator until i called shiming to find out from her...
Tks (:

Didn acutally know that @ the time when i reached school,
which is liked 4.26pm ???
there's a lot of students youngsters who haven came to take it when the closin time is 5pm...
I was like.... Waoh!!!!

Apr 12, 2010

Having a bad flu&sore throat durin&after SIT orientation...
But the full 3days orientation camp were fun, tired, exhausting, 'coolin' & of course,

Able to meet more new friends in my class of EI1003,
really is a great pleasure.
Lets see if i can remember what i had for all 3days of orientation (:


Met up with vanessa&kerissa whom i met them in FB.
Reached school & queued up to register.
Both of them were in EI1008 while im in EI1003.
I knew how they allocated us to, tks to qin who told me before (:

Had talks by the Driector of SIT & preformance&introduction by the President of e SIT Club.
The performance even had characters like Ris Low, DaLang from Hi!My SweetHeart & etc.
After which i forgot....
Hahax,i can skip on the way to lunch xP
After which we had a few games which made us remember our names easily&clearly.
There's even a kind of 'threatenin' game which wanted us to remember our names or else,,,
the forfeit is im-not-sure what as the OGL, Sky, didn said.
Forgot to tell i have 3 OGLs which took care of us for the 3day orientation.
They are Sky, jiawei & azhari.
They are nice&funny too.
Goin back to Day1,
after the games we went back to the atrium which is our meetin veune for all 3days.
& that's all for Day1.

Games as well but with a 2hr seminar talk by the lecturers.
Because of this talk, our lunch period had changed from 12.30pm to nearly 2pm...
Seriously our tummy were goanin...
Me too...
But the OGLs already had theirs when we're listenin to the talks...

After which is the torturin part.
We had games under the hot blazin sun...
Due to this, everyone was runnin&lookin for shelter.
But there's a game which made us damn coolin(:
Which is water games.
I guess, im the most wet preson in my class
All tks to shiming...

That's all...
Due to the talk,
we end the day @ 6.15++ which is damn late than Day1.

We are instructed to wear jeans as its the final day
& there will be performance&so...
Last day was a memorable day as we've bond ourselves, as a class.
To play games, helpin out each other & etc.
We even had a few class photos with the OGLs too.

So, Sky plan for a moive this friday.
But a sad thing is, this friday is fk's b'dae & not sure which to go...

Maybe should plan&think about it before makin my decision xP

That's all for these 3days.
Its fun& we also have a fire drill practice on the 2nd day.
I can remember clearly that it 2.36pm instead of the usual time 2.30pm.
& we have to stay under the hot sun for 1/2hr whereas the teachers&other 'seniors' left the area for about a few minutes.

He even saw me when im 'concentratin' on my orientation.
Tks for companied me via messages (:
You do seriously lighten up my bored&tired days.
Tks lots[x

& also,,,
Happy Birthday to yizhang (:
& an early birthday to jiayu jiejie (14apr)
& my meimei (25apr)

Apr 6, 2010

Just got back from E!Hub.
& the weather is freaking damn hot&warm...
I kept sweatin like runnin water...
Even though i put on my sun block, but my face still have the sign of sunburn, esp on my cheeks area.

So maybe was thinkin of askin suggestion to help me with my face...
as my cheeks area are easily sunburn even if i put on sun block & power,
it will make it obviously 'shinin' which means oily...

Reason for goin to E!Hub is because im goin to book the Costa Sands Pasir Ris chalet.
& seriously, i dont like it very much.
The coupon is only available for 1 night & im goin to book for 2nights.
Which means i got to find another coupon to enjoy the promotion vaule (=
Probably goin to drag someone along to accompany to the chalet to book again on saturday...
Not goin to book on wed,thur&fri as i've got Ploytechinc orientation unless i went over on fri by takin a 'half day leave' from the orientation xP

Bought a Silkygirl Double Intense waterproof mascara which is 2-in-1.
This mascara has a shorter bristles for add volume to your lashes & the longer bristles for lengthen & curl.
Currently Wastons is havin a offer for $9.90 instead of the usual $14.90.
So thinkin of purchasin 2 but i don have enough cash so i just bought one.
Thinkin for buyin the other one tomorrow together with Za Wide Eyes Mascara which is havin a promotion offer on buyin 1 get 1 free (x
I'm so goin to get this two mascara from Wastons.
Do you know that non-waterproof mascara does not clump on tiny lower lashes
& waterproof mascara holds best for curls ???

I think i need help for my face, really as sometimes some of the pressed power or foundation power make my cheeks oily, causin serum & cloggin pores on my cheek area.
Anyone can recommend a pressed power that suits me in this kind of condition ???
Being busy planning a b'dae chalet for fengkuan.
& last night just 'sent' out the invitation to various friends(:

Have asked a few secondary school's classmates&friends
but i'm wondering should i call 'them' but i scared they may not want to attend
as its me who is organising.
& some, when they heard 'my name', they just said 'ohh, not free' when they have confirmed...

Still thinking...

Everyone in my family were overjoyed that my grandpa has finally been discharged today.
&everyone has made preparations for his arrival back home.
Like repainting his bedroom, changed a new bedsheet, a new blanket & etc.

Another thing is that poor cousin, kaiwen.
As he had chickenpox which none of us knew till last friday/thursday where his body started growing big red dots.
& its kind of scary when big red dots grew all over your face
when you look @ it, the itchy feeling starts growing down your spine...
That totally freaks me out when i saw kaiwen, eyes filled with unfinished crying&wailing tears
& his whole face&body has scars of the chieckenpox.
OOOOO godgodgodgodgod...

But of course, i didnt reveal out my feelings to kaiwen&his mother
as i'm afraid it may freak him out & start scratching his body&face.
Hope kaiwen gets well soon (:

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