Apr 12, 2010

Having a bad flu&sore throat durin&after SIT orientation...
But the full 3days orientation camp were fun, tired, exhausting, 'coolin' & of course,

Able to meet more new friends in my class of EI1003,
really is a great pleasure.
Lets see if i can remember what i had for all 3days of orientation (:


Met up with vanessa&kerissa whom i met them in FB.
Reached school & queued up to register.
Both of them were in EI1008 while im in EI1003.
I knew how they allocated us to, tks to qin who told me before (:

Had talks by the Driector of SIT & preformance&introduction by the President of e SIT Club.
The performance even had characters like Ris Low, DaLang from Hi!My SweetHeart & etc.
After which i forgot....
Hahax,i can skip on the way to lunch xP
After which we had a few games which made us remember our names easily&clearly.
There's even a kind of 'threatenin' game which wanted us to remember our names or else,,,
the forfeit is im-not-sure what as the OGL, Sky, didn said.
Forgot to tell i have 3 OGLs which took care of us for the 3day orientation.
They are Sky, jiawei & azhari.
They are nice&funny too.
Goin back to Day1,
after the games we went back to the atrium which is our meetin veune for all 3days.
& that's all for Day1.

Games as well but with a 2hr seminar talk by the lecturers.
Because of this talk, our lunch period had changed from 12.30pm to nearly 2pm...
Seriously our tummy were goanin...
Me too...
But the OGLs already had theirs when we're listenin to the talks...

After which is the torturin part.
We had games under the hot blazin sun...
Due to this, everyone was runnin&lookin for shelter.
But there's a game which made us damn coolin(:
Which is water games.
I guess, im the most wet preson in my class
All tks to shiming...

That's all...
Due to the talk,
we end the day @ 6.15++ which is damn late than Day1.

We are instructed to wear jeans as its the final day
& there will be performance&so...
Last day was a memorable day as we've bond ourselves, as a class.
To play games, helpin out each other & etc.
We even had a few class photos with the OGLs too.

So, Sky plan for a moive this friday.
But a sad thing is, this friday is fk's b'dae & not sure which to go...

Maybe should plan&think about it before makin my decision xP

That's all for these 3days.
Its fun& we also have a fire drill practice on the 2nd day.
I can remember clearly that it 2.36pm instead of the usual time 2.30pm.
& we have to stay under the hot sun for 1/2hr whereas the teachers&other 'seniors' left the area for about a few minutes.

He even saw me when im 'concentratin' on my orientation.
Tks for companied me via messages (:
You do seriously lighten up my bored&tired days.
Tks lots[x

& also,,,
Happy Birthday to yizhang (:
& an early birthday to jiayu jiejie (14apr)
& my meimei (25apr)

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