Apr 6, 2010

Just got back from E!Hub.
& the weather is freaking damn hot&warm...
I kept sweatin like runnin water...
Even though i put on my sun block, but my face still have the sign of sunburn, esp on my cheeks area.

So maybe was thinkin of askin suggestion to help me with my face...
as my cheeks area are easily sunburn even if i put on sun block & power,
it will make it obviously 'shinin' which means oily...

Reason for goin to E!Hub is because im goin to book the Costa Sands Pasir Ris chalet.
& seriously, i dont like it very much.
The coupon is only available for 1 night & im goin to book for 2nights.
Which means i got to find another coupon to enjoy the promotion vaule (=
Probably goin to drag someone along to accompany to the chalet to book again on saturday...
Not goin to book on wed,thur&fri as i've got Ploytechinc orientation unless i went over on fri by takin a 'half day leave' from the orientation xP

Bought a Silkygirl Double Intense waterproof mascara which is 2-in-1.
This mascara has a shorter bristles for add volume to your lashes & the longer bristles for lengthen & curl.
Currently Wastons is havin a offer for $9.90 instead of the usual $14.90.
So thinkin of purchasin 2 but i don have enough cash so i just bought one.
Thinkin for buyin the other one tomorrow together with Za Wide Eyes Mascara which is havin a promotion offer on buyin 1 get 1 free (x
I'm so goin to get this two mascara from Wastons.
Do you know that non-waterproof mascara does not clump on tiny lower lashes
& waterproof mascara holds best for curls ???

I think i need help for my face, really as sometimes some of the pressed power or foundation power make my cheeks oily, causin serum & cloggin pores on my cheek area.
Anyone can recommend a pressed power that suits me in this kind of condition ???

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