Apr 6, 2010

Being busy planning a b'dae chalet for fengkuan.
& last night just 'sent' out the invitation to various friends(:

Have asked a few secondary school's classmates&friends
but i'm wondering should i call 'them' but i scared they may not want to attend
as its me who is organising.
& some, when they heard 'my name', they just said 'ohh, not free' when they have confirmed...

Still thinking...

Everyone in my family were overjoyed that my grandpa has finally been discharged today.
&everyone has made preparations for his arrival back home.
Like repainting his bedroom, changed a new bedsheet, a new blanket & etc.

Another thing is that poor cousin, kaiwen.
As he had chickenpox which none of us knew till last friday/thursday where his body started growing big red dots.
& its kind of scary when big red dots grew all over your face
when you look @ it, the itchy feeling starts growing down your spine...
That totally freaks me out when i saw kaiwen, eyes filled with unfinished crying&wailing tears
& his whole face&body has scars of the chieckenpox.
OOOOO godgodgodgodgod...

But of course, i didnt reveal out my feelings to kaiwen&his mother
as i'm afraid it may freak him out & start scratching his body&face.
Hope kaiwen gets well soon (:

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