Dec 30, 2009

one nice update on iceangel blogshop.
Collection 8 is up as well as her 'stall' in BestOfBlogshops L4.
A lot of 7 items in her new collection.

KristineYunny has launched her last collection for 2oo9.
Do show you her support (:

*Let your fingers do the 'shopping'

Dec 25, 2009

I'm back to bloggin (x
After a long borin week,
im happy that my juniors did well in their n level (:

& most importantly,

went shopping with my dagu & xiaogu @ Orchard.
Bought 2 pairs of shoes from New Look & a pair of jeans from Mango.
Thanks xiaogu for buyin those to congrates me for havin a job when the new year starts (x

Thanks to jiayu jiejie for offerin me this job.
I promise i will do it well (as i'm earnin 50bucks per day)

After shoppin,
Went to my aunt's place for a bbq Christmas party xD
Reach there @ 9plus & didn get lost when findin my way through the dark nights...
Went 'lots' of movies.
Heard they watched 2012 & 食神.
After which watched a ghost movie.
Title should be something on the Haunted Hills.
Damn scary when the nurses,patients & doctor came to claim the actor&actress 's life.
There're a total of 11 people, 6 bad guys, 1 teacher, 1 student & a couple.
The 'house' is spooky as it directs all the baddies to a place where the kill patients alive.
But there is 1 man,a patient, is brave enough to help the couple, actually is Ariel, the lead actress,
to safety.
By showin her how to destroy the curse of the house & also the way which lead them to the statue or something.

I was scared to tears.
All thanks to shuang......
I guessed next time, im not watchin any ghost movie.
Never again, if i can keep this promise xP
& watched 1/10 parts of Coraline.
Its nice, @ 1st, but after that,
they changed to watch that ghost movie.

But still,
had a great laugh & of course,
Dinner (:

Qin&myself countdown ourselves just to direct our minds out of the ghost movie.
But still, only both of us were crazy 'bout it (x
Had a nice Christmas Eve.

& im goin to enjoy myself on the next party which is New Year Eve party (:
May be at shuang's place.
But, yet to be confirm.

not forgettin...
Happy Birthday to the followin friends (:
-ahjie (17/12)
-jiaxin (22/12)
-valene (24/12)
-elaine (25/12)

Here's wishin everyone a happy & joyful Christmas & also a wonderful New Year (:

Dec 18, 2009

Qn: Art and Law is the sixth edition of the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival - True or False ?

Ans: True.
I had a wonderful time at Genting.
But sad to say that my favourite Roti Prata Shop is closed & was changed to a Indian Dinning Shop.
L2 changed a lot, as well.
Right now,the new shop names, for both L1 & 2, are;
G2000, Mango, The Body Shop, Espirt, Soda & more.
(i can't recall much)

I have posted the photos up in my facebook.
Here is the link:

& there's more games to be played by the kids.
As the FW indoor theme park had installed a mini train for them in ride around.
The 1st cabin are able to pull a string to ring the bell which is situated @ the front of the train xP

Advertorial :

In this collection,

Europhialley has a p/c which are inspired from ASOS.
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KristineYunny has launched 2 collections
& no backorders for Collection 34
Pre Christmas Mini Imported Collection 35,
just for you to prepare your Christmas Party (:

Instocks-saleee has updated her post with lots of bags, tissue box holder & her friend's items.

Visit all these nice ladies blogshop/livejournals (x

Dec 13, 2009

Tomorrow im going Genting.
Goin oversea again...
Last week went to Malaysia,should be the Soutn-west of Malaysia.

While im happy already as i can go to tour Malaysia for twice a month (:
& a thing to feel upset about.
I've being blacklisted from a customer.
Her reason was because im wastin her time,as i've been draggin her time for 2weeks.

While,this is the first time im being blacklisted.
But still,i hope that this wont really affect my sales too much (:
*tryin to be optimistic.

I'll be going for 3D2N tour.
Heard that S'pore famous blogger,iceangel,Esther, is going to Gentin as well.
& she will be going from Tuesday to Friday.
As for me,it's from Monday,tomorrow, to Wednesday.

Hope that i can enjoy my holiday in Genin (:

Last thur,went to Marina Country Club in Pouggol.
The place is surrounded with forest or is it just bushes...
Anyway,the place is very creepy.
I went to eat Sakura Buffet Dinner (:
Went together with xp,fk,gordon,edwin & him...
Felt awkward when sittin right next to him durin dinner & also sittin 'next' to each other,
on the way back home by cab.
All thanks to fk&xp...

In total,our bill, were 207.65 dollars plus 20+ dollars of drinks.
Even though  its expensive but its worth it (:
As we even used durain puffs as our 'birthday cake'.
Will update the photo next time when im back from Malaysia (x

Dec 12, 2009

Im too lazy to post all the pictures i've captured
while touring in Malaysia.

But i have updated on the food part

Click on the links below to view all (:

& also,
Happy birthday to sheau phing & honghong
Both on 12dec (:
& Gordon (11dec)

Dec 9, 2009

Have been back from Malaysia 'Makan' Trip for 3 days.
Have a lot of new experience when we're stayin in FarmStay & HomeStay.
FarmStay is actually opened by Chinese 'Hostel'
While the HomeStay is by Malay & we really have to stay in their home for the night
Which all of us,even the planner anna gugu, also didnt know about it.

In total,
I had 13 mosqitoe bites (both legs & arms)
But the funny thing is that,为什么弟弟没有被订到呢 ?
That's the strange part.

Will update more on the photos when i got them from jiayu jiejie, dayi & yizhang (all 3 are the photographers)
As for me,
I only took the dishes photos (x
& i bet by lookin @ those photos, your saliva will be drippin continuously.

Advertising time.

For this Sale Post,
the owner have comprised all available items from Collection 1 to Collection 30.
All prices are ranging from $10-$20.

Visit to avoid disappointment (:
*item will be removed from the post once its sold to avoid confusion

S'pore's famous blogger, esther, has updated on her blogshop, MySecrtRose.lj
Collection 7 contains all the appearls startin with the letter 'G'.

Do grab yours NOW.
Or you can also at Far East Plaza Level 4
Shop name is bestofblogshops @ #04-145.


Dec 1, 2009

Today is the first day of December.
Time sure fly pass very quickly...
This Friday i'll be going to Malaysia for a 3D2N Makan Trip xP

Last Friday had a birthday party @ shuang's house
As we had a damn early birthday celebration for honghong & her actual birthday is on 12dec.
Their reason is very simple.
& that is she don wanna celebrate her birthday with her family but to celebrate with all
while we're still in S'pore.
As her family will be going to Korea on her birthday,which is 12dec & their trip last for a week.
& i total,i ate & drank a lot.
But not that much than huiqin which she had stated in her blog to have drank
3 breezers, 4 volka, 1 white wine, 1 beer
But i din know she drank beer ??!!??!!

But im not like her, i drank
2 breezers, 3 vodka, 1 white wine & 1 beer (:
Even though im not drunk but my face was red.
& everytime when my face was red, they would say 'minghui is drunk already!'
But to true, im NOT.

Here are a few pictures which was captured by our photographer, jiayu jiejie.
Im not sure whats the model but i know its Canon Camera.
& there's a few pictures which are captured a few months back & jiayu jiejie just gave to my parents last friday.

any difference ?
During hongying b'dae party
in 27nov

my parents

During shuang's b'dae party
in 18july

my 2nd sister

me (:
i know im ugly
but recently i cut my hair so right now i look damn different than this photo.

si yi & my baby brother.
both look different too (:

my dad & baby brother

the family photo
excluding me & 2 of my sisters

That's all for today (:

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