Dec 1, 2009

Today is the first day of December.
Time sure fly pass very quickly...
This Friday i'll be going to Malaysia for a 3D2N Makan Trip xP

Last Friday had a birthday party @ shuang's house
As we had a damn early birthday celebration for honghong & her actual birthday is on 12dec.
Their reason is very simple.
& that is she don wanna celebrate her birthday with her family but to celebrate with all
while we're still in S'pore.
As her family will be going to Korea on her birthday,which is 12dec & their trip last for a week.
& i total,i ate & drank a lot.
But not that much than huiqin which she had stated in her blog to have drank
3 breezers, 4 volka, 1 white wine, 1 beer
But i din know she drank beer ??!!??!!

But im not like her, i drank
2 breezers, 3 vodka, 1 white wine & 1 beer (:
Even though im not drunk but my face was red.
& everytime when my face was red, they would say 'minghui is drunk already!'
But to true, im NOT.

Here are a few pictures which was captured by our photographer, jiayu jiejie.
Im not sure whats the model but i know its Canon Camera.
& there's a few pictures which are captured a few months back & jiayu jiejie just gave to my parents last friday.

any difference ?
During hongying b'dae party
in 27nov

my parents

During shuang's b'dae party
in 18july

my 2nd sister

me (:
i know im ugly
but recently i cut my hair so right now i look damn different than this photo.

si yi & my baby brother.
both look different too (:

my dad & baby brother

the family photo
excluding me & 2 of my sisters

That's all for today (:

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