Dec 9, 2009

Have been back from Malaysia 'Makan' Trip for 3 days.
Have a lot of new experience when we're stayin in FarmStay & HomeStay.
FarmStay is actually opened by Chinese 'Hostel'
While the HomeStay is by Malay & we really have to stay in their home for the night
Which all of us,even the planner anna gugu, also didnt know about it.

In total,
I had 13 mosqitoe bites (both legs & arms)
But the funny thing is that,为什么弟弟没有被订到呢 ?
That's the strange part.

Will update more on the photos when i got them from jiayu jiejie, dayi & yizhang (all 3 are the photographers)
As for me,
I only took the dishes photos (x
& i bet by lookin @ those photos, your saliva will be drippin continuously.

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