Jul 30, 2010

Seriously for the past few days of the week,
there's a lot of 'Joke Of The Day' topic/phrase/sentence
but i cant really remember all of it.

So,,, sorry...

For today, is super boring
Just went to school for an hour database class.
& after which, tts it for the day.

Went to North Canteen for lunch.
& PPO bought a cake to celebrate Aaron's belated birthday.
Once Clinton, aaron, mingqiang, ppo & haiqal went off.
Shiming & liangyi started to sing those childhood times songs
like a lot a lot of chinese kinergarten songs & after which to Teletubbies so & so.
After which i started to suggest Bob The Bulider.
Then hanny sang Spongebob,
desmond, edwin & lennie cant take us,
& desmond don have any face to face us,
thus turnin his back to face us

Happy 17th Birthday to Aaron(29/7) (:

Right now, super addicted to Mad World by Adam Lambert

Jul 26, 2010

Seriously i didnt expect my day to be this way.
DE is okie,
didnt listen to lecture but thanks to irwan (: (: (:
c# was super crap...
Didnt expect to be like this.
Was rushin web design when a lot of web page doesnt wanna appear...
& i keep retryin retryin retryin for like up to 8times,
still cant appear...
After which, c# teacher sask me to show her the project,
which i didnt cause the entire c# lesson i was doin web design.
Editin & stuff...
After which, i cant take it anymore...
My tears start to flow,
& seriously i tried to control myself
But the teacher come over for our project,
i start to cry.
& never stop until juli came over to console me.
Thanks girl (:
After lesson,
don give a damn to teacher,
& walk out of class.
Qin came over to ask,
cause her class was just next to mine & she saw my eyes were red...
Told her everything, & she just shout out & scold.
While, thanks qin (:
Appreciate much.
During web design,
almost everyone came over to ask what happen me, y did i cry ???
But thanks to edwin for his hello panda cookies (:
I named it 'De-Stress Panda Cookie'.
Walk around to ask them to eat,
cause can de-stress a bit before presenting web design.
luckily before presenting,
all the wed page went well.
But, Hate School's Internet Access.
Damn super slow
& can see that mr sum damn furious as been makin lots of noise when some other group was presenting.
That's how miserable my day is,
for today.
Let's hope that after tomorrow's dance,
i can feel a bit cheerful & happier (:

Jul 25, 2010


Just dont like to be so pack with so many things to do
within a single SHORT time frame.


*sorry for saying vulgar wordings

**note that this post does not mean to scold anyone or have any intention to anyone

Jul 24, 2010

Since shiming asked me whether did i posted about yesterday's stuff.
So, here i am
trying to recall what happen yesterday.

Friday, we had database.
& supposed to have a database test but,
all thanks to ppo & mingqiang,
the test was delayed to around 11plus
We almost made mr sum angry.
As he said, 'Cant walk around to ask for answer'
But, a few didnt hit his words.
But mr sum didn scolded us but expressed it through his facial expression.

Lesson end @ 12plus,
went over for lunch in south canteen.
When all of us, or, most of us went out of the class,
left desmond, clinton, shiming & edwin,
So, liangyi went in & said '一家四口' or something.
All i can recall is these 4 chinese words,
which means, 'a family of four'.

After which, went up to level 6 to pass my photography work to teacher
& im so sorry to desmond, lennie & edwin.
Was supposed to ask shiming to accompany me up,
but in the end, 3 of them, followed as well.
Thanks guys (:

On the way, cant remember much,
but can only remembered what happened when we walked down the stairs to level 2
Clinton said something & after which shiming replied to him
& 'this' means shiming 'admit/accept' edwin as her 'boyfriend/stead'.
& after which we started laughing hilariously.
Unexpectedly, they sat next to each other during lunch.
Hahax, we didnt do anything,
it just happened unexpectedly.

After that,
went over to Block E level 3 for YOG.
As yesterday, we had a Samsung Human Touch event in Clarke Quay where there's a big field in front of Riverside Point/Place.
If you have watched the news last night,
you may know what i mean (:
We lighted up the touch @ exactly 2010(24-hr) which is 8.10pm.
During this time in another country called Greece,
which they have this ceremory which light up the flame of the Youth Olympic Touch.
& here are a few photos which i took through yesterday's event (=

The goodie bag & the content.
A popcorn, raincoat, a bottle of water & a towel (a small one which is wrap around your neck)

WA ^o^
A total of 2010 youths from SP, TP, RP, ITE East, Assumption English School & not forgetting
NYP (:

My row number & bag tag number of the event
(i know i look ugly xP)

A bit un-clear, but this is how it looks like for the human touch

Our 'dinner'
beside hotdog, there's also a curry puff.

All the schools & their position

The stage & people
The lights are the touches we're holding to light up the human touch

The 'unexpected guest'
the electronic kite
(i know its blur but this is the best picture i can take using my phone camera)

These are all the photos i took
The rest i have to wait for juli to update in her facebook (:

Have a good night
& good luck to my class for thier web design presentation & hand in c# final project
both on mon.
& to the rest of my photography classmates who haven take their photography presentation,
including me xP
Good Luck!!!!

After next week,
ehhh, not quite
as its going to be our semseter exam when school reopens
on the last week of august ):

Jul 22, 2010

Today was a super hilarious day.
Thanks to shiming, edwin, liangyi, clinton, desmond & hanny.

As all knows,
thur is always the 'no-mood' day for everyone
as we've database lecture @ 8am.
&, at the same time,
today's weather was so cooling that my alarm rang @ 6.45am,
i dont even wanna got up & get ready for school.
But, still have to.
Who asked us have to be students,
even adults have to go to work right ???

The most attraction people, in the class, is edwin.
Cause he brought along an umbrella which look like a walking stick to him.
As, recently, he twisted his ankle or something which became our class 'bai-ka'.
Not long, clinton joined in too
as he injuried his ankle ???
& right now, it became from normal skin colour to blue-black.

After the end of cMaths,
which was the end of the day,
desmond, clinton, hanny, irwan, shiming, lennie, edwin, liangyi, eve & me were walking towards the library
& something made us laugh till we've never expect to be that funny.

There is a 'family' in our class
& it's getting bigger & bigger.

So, shiming - mother
desmond - shiming's son
liangyi - shiming's daugther
kamini - shiming's daugther
hanny - shiming's daugther
clinton - shiming's son
& edwin - shiming's husband/brother

So, on our way to the library,
some guys wanted to go to the gents
so desmond helped edwin to take his lappy
while i took his umbrella & shiming asked me to pass it to her cause she 'can't stand her children' anymore.
When clinton came out, left with edwin,
so shiming was like telling him, 'if you dare to come out i'll hit you till death using your umbrella'
then after that, can't remember what happen
suddenly liangyi shouted towards the gents, 'papa, are you done yet ?'
Guess what edwin replied ???
'Yes, yes, yes.'
& that means, he accepted that his shiming's husband & not brother.
So the whole bunch of us were laughing hilarious at the joke
& when edwin came out,
shiming really wanted to use his umbrella to hit
& edwin 'hid' behind desmond (as desmond is quite tall)
After which, i told edwin, 'your face & ears are so red.'
Is like either he's blushing or he laughed till his face turned red...

But overall, its super hilarious
thus liangyi's sentence shall be the 'joke of the day' xD

Tomorrow is database test
& also going down to Clarke Quay for the Samsung Human Touch for YOG!!!
If you're free from 7 - 9pm, tomorrow,
do head down to Clarke Quay
as the Human Touch will light up @ 8.10pm, which is 2010 in the 24-hr timing
where during this time,
the flame shall be light up in Greece & fly over to 5 countries before arriving to Singapore
which is the pit-stop for YOG flame (=

Here's ending off with a picture which i shall never forget...

Jul 21, 2010

Today is grandpa's 49th day.
Woke up early in the morning as need to reach the temple by 8plus

Woke up @ 7.30am
Washed up my face, ate my breakfast(which is a slice of plain bread & a cup of Lipton Milk Tea)
After which, waited for my relatives to arrive,
also to wait for my baby brother to finsih his breakfast (which is 'milk-milk' (X )

Reach the temple around 8.45am (super late already)
& arranged all the foods, 'house', 'car', & etc. on the table.
Didnt know that there will 4 more 'new members', cause we took up 3tables
as we brought along a lot of things to 'give' to my grandpa.

Did a few chanting,
offering joss sticks & so.

This is the first time i 'experienced' how the bones were placed into the container or something.
The deceased family members have to use a red chopstick to place it into the container, while the rest will be done by the personal of the temple.

We ended everything by 11.15am
By dad fetched me over to school,
& reached @ 11.35am.

Did my DE lab practice & finished it within the time frame,
which is i dont when...
I think even desmond, who was late for lesson,
also can finished the task within the time frame
Dont really why 'the rest' cant ???!!

Right, left with c#, web design & photography.
c# alomst done, but left with a few things.
Web design left with the external website, & also my team-mates.
Photography, not sure what's the other genre i wanna choose.
I have still life, black&white, landscape & nature.
So, was thinking of food/event.

Good luck to Hanny & ashley who will be doing their photography presentation,
right now (:
As for me, will be presenting next wednesday
& the idiot thing is that, for today,
only have 2 people presenting, which is hanny & ashley.
So, have to say 'good luck' to myself.

thanks to qin.
Manage to find my semester exam timetable.

    31st Aug - CMath, from 9-11am
    7th Sep - Database, from 12.30-2.30pm

Lucky only have 2 modules for this semester (:
But i know that for the next semester will be more difficult than sem1.
Better backup for web design...

Jul 10, 2010

Back to bloggin, now...

Have been 'busy&stress up' with projects, presentation & dance practices in a tight schedule.
But have been trying hard to make every seconds worth taking.

Here's my schedule for the week: (as in for the past few weeks even since term starts)
  1. version 1 of c# is over.
    Now for version 2, which is the final 'showdown' & im making last amendments for error checks

  2. Web design is just as great bad as i've thought. Cant really stand my team mates, they haven start on anything a bit yet.

  3. Tue:
  4. cMaths was okie, @ least i have this as one of my favourite subject which didnt make me crazy over projects & stuff like that.

  5. I kinda like photography more & more even since i got the hang on a bit of camera functions & skills. Love the teacher more (x

  6. EPS presentation is drawing near. Have searched out all the required information, just that we haven 'produced' the slides yet.

  7. Wed:
  8. Digital Electronics is getting tougher, especially for 7476 chip IC code no. Failed to get the no '0', '1', '2' to come out on the display broad. Have tried 3times but gave up & tried it for the last time, next week.

  9. Thur:
  10. New topics for c#, which is for-loop, foreach-loop & array. Cant really understand foreach-loop. Hope randy can teach me on that. (i know qin will be laughin like mad)

  11. Database is still the same. No IMPROVEMENT @ ALL. But @ least i've tried to understand durin the lab classes.

  12. Fri:
  13. Com. Skills oral presetation, in other words, indiviual presentation is up next week. Its a bit of rush for us as we dont have lesson on week14, so everyone have to presented their piece on week13.

That's all for studying schedule.
I dont really have to say my dance practice schedule, right ???!!
the days, for you to take note of it (if you want to)

My dance practices for YOG Celebration will be held every Tuesday & Friday......
Not telling you the veune & timings xP
But if you're an NYPians, you may know the veune,
maybe not the timings xP

Basically, that's all the time schedule 'plans'
maybe not plans,
but a fixed 'plans' (still plans xP)

Signing off to do EPS slides on 'A Trip To Bangkok, Thailand.'

May i ask,
what's the first impression/thought of Bangkok ??
You can tell me by tagging (:
Thanks & have a nice day ahead... (Y)

Jul 5, 2010

I DON LIKE MY COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BUT I LIKE CMATHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[short & simple for this post ^_^ ]

Jul 4, 2010

Hey guys,
guess what,
i went to watch the worldwide most awaited moive of the year, Twilight - Eclispe.

For my verdict,
its quite a nice show.
But i hate it when the 'main focus' of all the moive parts was just
the kissing part by Edward & Bella, &, Jacob & Bella.
There's also a few funny moments & the best part, for me,
is when they Cullens had a 'war fight' with the 'new beings'
whereby their Head was Victoria. (she appeared on the Twilight moive & the last part of New Moon)

Victoria formed this army of new beings
was to take revenge for her beloved James (who was dead, or rather, killed by the Cullens to save Bella from his attack)
So, Victoria, herself, & her new 'boyfriend', Riley, went over to look for Edward,
as Victoria knew Edward wasn't there, but was far away protecting Bella.

But what i they didnt know was that Jacob & his family joined in to help protect Bella,
as Vampire cant smell Bella's scent when she's with Jacob, they can only scent out the Wolf scent.
Here comes the funniest part,
when Bella & Edward went to hide on the mountain top,
it was a snow storm, during the night & Bella was freezing cold but Edward cant do anything
as Vampires aren't afraid of the cold.
Jacob went in, as he's guiding the 'tent' (the main was Bella xP)
& he said to Edward, 'At least im 'hotter' than you.'
Its damn super hilarious.

At the start, for about the first 3mins,
i was thinkin , 'Did i went to the wrong hall ?'
I kept asking my sis, 'Did we went to the wrong hall ? , Is this hall 6 ?, Is the starting part of Eclispe like this ???' (As my sister read the book long ago)
But after that,
the first 'guy' who appeared on the screen, got bitten by a Vampire
& for that, i told myself 'I "did" went to the correct hall.'

That's all for the movie on Eclispe.
You could catch it, right now, but beware that all moive theartes are fully booked.

Do watch the Twilight - Eclispe (=

Edited 5/7:
Here's a picture which i found through Google Search.

Its quite nice,
but i like the words more (=

Here's a link where i think qin will 'love' it very much xP

Jul 2, 2010

Will find the time, somewhere during weekends to post up the entry on
'The Trip to Bangkok, Thailand.

will be posting something, rather good news
& , also stress&busy news.

Of course, everyone wants to hear/listen to the good news first right ???!!!
There's sort of 2 good news.
1 is that for DE, digital electronics, module, test
which held be term break &, @ the same time,
my grandpa's funeral last day,
i got an A+, which rhe score is range from 90 - 99 ???!!!
All i know is that im the only one who got A+ in my class xP
which makes me top in class for this module

Damn super happy about it.
Who's thinkin of going to thank my grandpa yesterday,
but my parents said that we're not supposed to.
Due to some reason, which i cant recalled.

The other reason is,
i'll be participate in my school's YOG event.
As for my role, is a Flash Mob Dancer.
So, from next tuesday onwards, will be the start of our practices
All the way till the actual day, which is Aug7,
where, i heard, that the flame torch will be here, in nyp
to pass to another person to contiune with the whole journey till Aug13, i think as what i heard from the news.

The stress&busy news is PROJECTS!!!
Who likes PROJECTS, anyway...
I have web design, c#, photoshoots, com.skills (which i just completed ICA4, still have ICA5) & EPS.
Next is EXAMS!!!
Again, who likes EXAMSSS...
I have cmath & database, & also O-level (as i retake eng, maths & POA)
Super busy for the rest of the 2nd half of the year...
I think, i wont have that much time to hang out with friends, catch my 'top-must-watch' movies, shopping for the latest fashion & etc., & probably swimming ???!!!

But what I believe is a phrase in chinese, 先苦后甜, means first, you suffer, after which you get to relax&have fun as much as you like/want. (but please know your limits dont 'play' till you get into trouble xP)

so, let the days past by & see how i can handle everything nice &still (:

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