Jul 4, 2010

Hey guys,
guess what,
i went to watch the worldwide most awaited moive of the year, Twilight - Eclispe.

For my verdict,
its quite a nice show.
But i hate it when the 'main focus' of all the moive parts was just
the kissing part by Edward & Bella, &, Jacob & Bella.
There's also a few funny moments & the best part, for me,
is when they Cullens had a 'war fight' with the 'new beings'
whereby their Head was Victoria. (she appeared on the Twilight moive & the last part of New Moon)

Victoria formed this army of new beings
was to take revenge for her beloved James (who was dead, or rather, killed by the Cullens to save Bella from his attack)
So, Victoria, herself, & her new 'boyfriend', Riley, went over to look for Edward,
as Victoria knew Edward wasn't there, but was far away protecting Bella.

But what i they didnt know was that Jacob & his family joined in to help protect Bella,
as Vampire cant smell Bella's scent when she's with Jacob, they can only scent out the Wolf scent.
Here comes the funniest part,
when Bella & Edward went to hide on the mountain top,
it was a snow storm, during the night & Bella was freezing cold but Edward cant do anything
as Vampires aren't afraid of the cold.
Jacob went in, as he's guiding the 'tent' (the main was Bella xP)
& he said to Edward, 'At least im 'hotter' than you.'
Its damn super hilarious.

At the start, for about the first 3mins,
i was thinkin , 'Did i went to the wrong hall ?'
I kept asking my sis, 'Did we went to the wrong hall ? , Is this hall 6 ?, Is the starting part of Eclispe like this ???' (As my sister read the book long ago)
But after that,
the first 'guy' who appeared on the screen, got bitten by a Vampire
& for that, i told myself 'I "did" went to the correct hall.'

That's all for the movie on Eclispe.
You could catch it, right now, but beware that all moive theartes are fully booked.

Do watch the Twilight - Eclispe (=

Edited 5/7:
Here's a picture which i found through Google Search.

Its quite nice,
but i like the words more (=

Here's a link where i think qin will 'love' it very much xP

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