Jul 2, 2010

Will find the time, somewhere during weekends to post up the entry on
'The Trip to Bangkok, Thailand.

will be posting something, rather good news
& , also stress&busy news.

Of course, everyone wants to hear/listen to the good news first right ???!!!
There's sort of 2 good news.
1 is that for DE, digital electronics, module, test
which held be term break &, @ the same time,
my grandpa's funeral last day,
i got an A+, which rhe score is range from 90 - 99 ???!!!
All i know is that im the only one who got A+ in my class xP
which makes me top in class for this module

Damn super happy about it.
Who's thinkin of going to thank my grandpa yesterday,
but my parents said that we're not supposed to.
Due to some reason, which i cant recalled.

The other reason is,
i'll be participate in my school's YOG event.
As for my role, is a Flash Mob Dancer.
So, from next tuesday onwards, will be the start of our practices
All the way till the actual day, which is Aug7,
where, i heard, that the flame torch will be here, in nyp
to pass to another person to contiune with the whole journey till Aug13, i think as what i heard from the news.

The stress&busy news is PROJECTS!!!
Who likes PROJECTS, anyway...
I have web design, c#, photoshoots, com.skills (which i just completed ICA4, still have ICA5) & EPS.
Next is EXAMS!!!
Again, who likes EXAMSSS...
I have cmath & database, & also O-level (as i retake eng, maths & POA)
Super busy for the rest of the 2nd half of the year...
I think, i wont have that much time to hang out with friends, catch my 'top-must-watch' movies, shopping for the latest fashion & etc., & probably swimming ???!!!

But what I believe is a phrase in chinese, 先苦后甜, means first, you suffer, after which you get to relax&have fun as much as you like/want. (but please know your limits dont 'play' till you get into trouble xP)

so, let the days past by & see how i can handle everything nice &still (:

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