Feb 27, 2012

New Layout & Background

it's a brand new Monday Morning
and i know when it comes to Monday
Majority will have MONDAY BLUES

But, let's skip the BLUES and welcome the Bright, Rosy colors.

Have changed my usual Favourite to something more Lively, Cheerful and Heartwarming colors.
Decided on a light pinkish-red with a few of 'Mother Earth' colors
- Green, turquoise
- Red
- Rosy pink
- Blue, skyblue

Will also be posting a few good quotes instead of the usual random-picked heartbreaking and sad quotes.


Feb 24, 2012

面对面 - Just Noodles


A Food Review on the current Channel 8 Variety Shows - Just Noodles, 面对面.
*Note: All are my personal review and some are quotes from the show itself or from I-Weekly.

First Stop: 云吞面
云吞面, also known as wan ton noodles or 馄饨面 is a local dish from the end of the Qing Dynasty and reappear in GuangZhuo, XiGuan. It was past on from HuNan.
During the Song Dynasty, the local will prepare the wan ton during the Winter Solstice for their ancestors. Later, the early majority of labors sell it by the hawkers trafficking. And thus, the local slowly passed it on to Singapore(:

Here's the actual speech from the show, Just Noodles - 清末民初,广州西关一代出现的, 同治年间从湖南传入下来。 宋代每逢冬至,各家包馄饨祭祖。后来初期多数是由小贩肩挑贩卖。就因为这样,慢慢的就带来新加坡。

The first stop, i'm going to introduce is located at 271 Onan Road #02-19, Dunman Road Food Centre - 德明叉烧云吞面
What i personally like about this stall is that their wanton as its very sweet and juicy.
You can taste the sweetness of the prawns.
What's more you definitely have to try their chilli sauce - its homemade.
Plus, it only cost $2.50 per bowl BUT they only sell dry ones.
Another highlight is the noodle is very Q and you never stop craving for more(:
If you're a fan of lard residue, you definitely cant miss coming down to this stall - lard residue is FOC = you can take as many as one
BUT remember to tell the uncle when you're ordering the noodle as they will not add for you AUTOMATICALLY.

There's a carpark below Dunman Food Centre and a mini carpark across the road.
If not, you'll have to park at the the parking lots behind the Food Centre which has a stretch of parking lots in between the Condos.

The stall is open from Friday - Wednesday (closed on thursday).
Operating hours: 10am - 10pm.

The next stop is located at 91 Bencoolen Street, Sunshine Plaza #01-53/85 - 百灵炸云吞面美食屋
When i walked in, the stall is a little bit like a mini food centre located inside shopping mall
And it's featured on The Straits Times under Life, and also a few magazines.

The highlight of this stall is the deep fried wanton, not the normal wanton nor the soup nor the noodle.
My dad even ordered $6 of deep fried wanton.
You can see how yummy it is for my dad to keep wanting more.

If you cant find Sunshine Plaza, just look for NUS or SOTA School (not sure if it's SOTA but i remember clearly i DID spot SOTA when driving down to Sunshine Plaza)
Not much comments for this stall, but the only highlight, is the deep fried wanton & THAT'S ALL!
Oh, it cost $4 per bowl.

The stall is open daily from 9.30am - 9pm
Same thing, AVOID LUNCH PERIOD as in the middle of CBD (central business district) and is opposite SOTA school

The final stall for wanton noodles is located at 6 Keong Saik Road - 丰记咖啡店
This stall wasn't introduced on Just Noodles but it was featured on I-Weekly.
For this stall, the best-seller is actually not wanton noodles but their 油鸡饭 and 烧鸡饭/叉烧饭.
It's opened by a cantonese family and their barbecued pork is definitely the highlight for this stall.

Their barbecued pork tastes the BEST.
What i like about it is the burning taste of the pork, the burnt characoal smell has been absorbed into the barbecued pork and the taste never leaves your mouth.
Not only that, their noodles is very Q full of elasticity and thier chilli sauce is also another highlight.
Same as the first stall, which i've introduced, their chilli sauce is homemade.

Coming back to the main 'actor', the wanton tastes sweet.
The ingredients include meat, prawn and 马蹄
But you won't have the cruchy from the 马蹄.

If you can't find the stall, here are some clues (i took 8mins to find it)

The stall is opposite a temple(above pic) and the stall looks like this (below pic)

If you're thinking where to park your car,
there's a mini carpark behind the stall and also a few stretch of parking lots along Keong Saik Road.
Needless for me to state the price, as its displayed at my above picture(:

The stall is closed on Sunday and Public Holiday.
Operating Hours: 11am - 8pm
SAME THING, AVOID LUNCH PERIOD as it's located a few lanes outside of CBD and People's Park Plaza.

Here's a summary of all 3stalls:
Noodles: I would prefer 丰记咖啡店 as compared to 德明叉烧云吞面
Soup: 丰记咖啡店
Wan Ton: 德明叉烧云吞面
Deep Fried Wan Ton: 百灵炸云吞面美食屋
Barbecued pork: 丰记咖啡店

Overall: 丰记咖啡's the winner for Wan Ton Noodles.

The next food review, i will be reviewing on FishBall Noodles.
Do stay tune.
If you don't want miss my next review, do add me in FB or Twitter

Here's the link if you miss the episode for Just Noodle:

*Note: Have private my twitter account so if you wanna add me, do wait patiently for me to accept you(Y)

See you in my next food review(:


Feb 13, 2012


Sorry for the lack of updates
Currently is the PEAK period of my semster's exam.
Have been a hectic week for me - writing out notes for my papers

Seriously im so gonna be dead so insufficient time revising for software engine without the help of friends.
Literally, im not sure if i regret 'THIS'
just that not use to studying on my own (maybe not really NOT USED TO)

Let's push away all the stressful part.
Here's a look at what i've received from Nuffnang♥

If you happen to view my 'Event' page
you may have notice a red caption saying 'Top 10 Entires' beside cine65.

Yes, i've been chosen as the top 10 entries for my cine65 post.
Bought to you by cine65, collabrating with Nuffnang to promote and create awareness for the event.
You can read my entry: cine65

Im so happy to be one of the top10 entries(:
Have won myself a pair of GV tickets and a cute little xD
Guess what it might be ??!!
Lazy to guess ??
Fine, here's the ans:

It's actually a thumbdrive from Connexion.sg.

Here's a short summary of Connexion.sg:
Connexion.sg is an e-space for National Education (NE) practitioners like yourselves in Singapore to share knowledge as well as to network among one another. NE practitioners include people who are involved in overseeing, planning, organising and conducting NE activities, whether you are from the ministries, SAF, schools or private sector.

So, i was thinking:
Probably most of the NE studies are from Connexion.sg ??!!

But, nevertheles, thanks to Connexion.sg for the lovely thumbdrive
Nuffnang to create such an opportunity for me to enter in to the contest
And lastly, Cine65 - not only was i invited to attend the award ceremony last November, and also be the lucky top 10 entries♥


Feb 5, 2012

Last Luo Hei Session for CNY

Yesterday was really the final cny luo hei with my family, relative and cousins.
The final day of cny is actually on monday,
but everyone have to go back for both work and school
so yesterday was the final gathering which also marks the final cny celebration to us.

During the luo hei session,
we had a lot of difficulties due to a HUGE number of us.
So, we implemented the '1,3,5' '2,4,6' rule.
It means those we are numbered as an odd number will luo hei first
after which, followed by the even numbered.

Its really very hilarious but fun and cherishable.

I didnt luo hei with them as im the so-called 'photographer-of-the-day' xP

Wish all of you an early 元宵节 (yuan xiao jie)(:

Feb 3, 2012


Happy Chinese New Year, 新年快乐.
How's everyone's chinese new year ??!!
Was it full of fun and laugther, or full of GAMBLING like i am xD

In 3days time, it will be the end of CNY):
It also means that we have to wait for the next cny which will fall around mid-Feb 2013(am i a genius xD)

Anywhere, during the new year festive season, the most 'arduous' part is
NEW YEAR PASTRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Year Pastries will make me heaty and it may also cause pimples and ulcers):
Which also means = $$ on pimple cream/gel and ulcer 'treatment'.
But luckily,
the next few im gonna share is a few yummy 'delicacy' which i had during cny,i guess some will only be sold during cny period.
(its ok, you still have 3days to try out)

First up is a longevity dish from Sakae

The sushi is made of raw prawn, some cucmber, seaweed and a bit of wasabi (my favourite (x )

Forgot what's the price but its really delicious if you're a wasabi plus raw food lover(:
Last weekend, i've decided to be a good daugther to follow my parents to have breakfast.
Reason being my brother wasn't at home,
he went over to my dagu's place to stay over for a night
thus, we can go out to have a 'peaceful' night and breakfast xP

Its been awhile since i had my meals over in either Tampines Mall or Century Square.
Back then i was craving for the minced pork noodles over in Century Square, B1.

Its really yummy especially the mushroom are super juicy and sweet.
Beside that, if you ordered a set, which comes with either coffee or tea with either fishball noodle or minced pork noodle,
it's more worth it.
It only cost $4.50 (or was it $4) per set for the above items mentioned.

What i love about the place is that the deco on the wall are all the 'happenings' back then in the 1980s or 1990s.

Its really a nice place which feels like a coffeeshop but is in a shopping mall.
You may wish to come over to 'experience' the taste of the minced pork noodle yourself.

Its located at B1, next to Jack's Place, in Century Square(:

During CNY, you will definitely have the following dish:

YU SHENG, also known as LOU HEI.

In total, for this year's cny,
i had 4 yusheng.
Heard from one of my friend, she had 6 for this year's cny.(SHOCKING)

And last but not least,
Here's wishing all a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!
Enjoy the last 3days of festive season.
Wish you guys will win the TOTO prize of up to $10M and those who are gambling during cny.

During this kind of atmosphere,
we like to say this word:
(not sure what i means but i know it means good luck)

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