Feb 13, 2012


Sorry for the lack of updates
Currently is the PEAK period of my semster's exam.
Have been a hectic week for me - writing out notes for my papers

Seriously im so gonna be dead so insufficient time revising for software engine without the help of friends.
Literally, im not sure if i regret 'THIS'
just that not use to studying on my own (maybe not really NOT USED TO)

Let's push away all the stressful part.
Here's a look at what i've received from Nuffnang♥

If you happen to view my 'Event' page
you may have notice a red caption saying 'Top 10 Entires' beside cine65.

Yes, i've been chosen as the top 10 entries for my cine65 post.
Bought to you by cine65, collabrating with Nuffnang to promote and create awareness for the event.
You can read my entry: cine65

Im so happy to be one of the top10 entries(:
Have won myself a pair of GV tickets and a cute little xD
Guess what it might be ??!!
Lazy to guess ??
Fine, here's the ans:

It's actually a thumbdrive from Connexion.sg.

Here's a short summary of Connexion.sg:
Connexion.sg is an e-space for National Education (NE) practitioners like yourselves in Singapore to share knowledge as well as to network among one another. NE practitioners include people who are involved in overseeing, planning, organising and conducting NE activities, whether you are from the ministries, SAF, schools or private sector.

So, i was thinking:
Probably most of the NE studies are from Connexion.sg ??!!

But, nevertheles, thanks to Connexion.sg for the lovely thumbdrive
Nuffnang to create such an opportunity for me to enter in to the contest
And lastly, Cine65 - not only was i invited to attend the award ceremony last November, and also be the lucky top 10 entries♥


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