Feb 5, 2012

Last Luo Hei Session for CNY

Yesterday was really the final cny luo hei with my family, relative and cousins.
The final day of cny is actually on monday,
but everyone have to go back for both work and school
so yesterday was the final gathering which also marks the final cny celebration to us.

During the luo hei session,
we had a lot of difficulties due to a HUGE number of us.
So, we implemented the '1,3,5' '2,4,6' rule.
It means those we are numbered as an odd number will luo hei first
after which, followed by the even numbered.

Its really very hilarious but fun and cherishable.

I didnt luo hei with them as im the so-called 'photographer-of-the-day' xP

Wish all of you an early 元宵节 (yuan xiao jie)(:

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