Sep 25, 2011


Have you ever sit down or stop whatever you're doin and think of the answer for the following question:
If Singapore is a person, who will she be?

You might be thinking:
'Well, everyone say she's a Green City, thus she's a Gr---een girl.'

To me, Singapore has a special meaning within her name.


That's what i like about Singapore.
She can be a nice girl,
bewitch with lots of personality and qualities to showcase to the world.

if i really have to use one word,
just one word to describe Singapore, as a person,
i would say 'all-rounder'.
Cause she can be very versatile in all ways, whether was it in the politic manner or was it in a mothering manner.
There's also another word to describe her which is 'mothering'.

'Mothering in a New World'

Reason being i lived and grew up within her arms.
She teach me, help me, speak to me, cherish me and been there for me during my ups and downs.

After analyzing and 'lecturing'so much about my viewpoint on Singapore,
if Singapore is a person,
i really hope that she can be a versatile mother(:
So that she can care for me, teach me and etc which i've mentioned.

Lastly, here's another question for you guys:
Have you ever heard of ciNE65 ?
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Here's a chance for you to win yourself a SGD$12,000 worth of prizes.
Simply you have to create a video and share with us what does Singapore means to you.
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