Sep 18, 2011

Just celebrated my birthday with family 2days ago.
Even though i didn expect much from them,
cause it has been 3years since i ever celebrated my birthday,
Whether was it with friends or family.

Some say im just too pity or just hack care about celebrating my birthday.
But, what i wanna reply is: 'No, i really care about my birthday. Who wouldnt care about their birthday ? Its a special day for you where you get to have lots of surprises and presents, and maybe it's even the best time to have a catch up with your past schoolmates.'

Anyway, my parents brought me & my sisters to EastPoint's Hoshigaoka.

Hoshigaoka is actually a small restaurant or should i say is a small stakeholder from JP Pepperdine.
As you can see from the picture,
i guess, the company's first restaurant should be Jack's Place cause JP xP

When i walked into the restaurant,
the atmosphere was like a typcial restaurant, nothing special.
But, i saw something which is kind of 'special'

I dont really understand the wordings until my dad teach me(:

The series of pictures will be the dishes we've ordered:

Hot Soup for my mum
She also ordered a value set which is cheaper.

My youngest sister's ramen

Tempura udon for my 2nd sister

Kastu Don for me(:
I dont really recommend this if you really wanna ordered
cause their pork is too stiff but overall the rice & sauce are nice(x

This is the rice if you ordered from the value set or individual.
Its really yummy because of the speices on top of the rice

But what i really like is the chanwanmushi.
Its very very appetizing.
I also like the Hot Soup(:
Overall, my most favourite dish is the Hot Soup
the worst, is the Katsu Don.

Eastpoint Mall

3 Simei Street 6
Tel: (65) 6786 6388
Operating hours: Daily 11am – 10pm

You can also visit their website for more set lunch info:

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