Sep 15, 2011

As you guys have know,
im currently working at The Wholesale Shop in City Plaza.
Its actually a wholesale shop owned by The Blog Shop.

&i found these 2 lovely clutches on Monday which is not on sale @ ALL.
What a waste, until i told clarence about it then its on sale.

Arent both of the clutches a beauty.
I personally love the black leather one.
You can see how LONG it is.
But thanks to a sec3 girl & a lady, i managed to sell them all within 4days(x

Today, im happy to have met Feliza & Jacelyn.
Both of them are nice.

I personally like Feliza cause she made my day(x
I was rant & rave over those china ladies when Feliza came over
&she told me a lot of things.
She took business course, back then.
Thus i guess she's older than me by 3-4years old.
She has a sweet voice too(x

&Jacelyn has a nice voice.
Everytime when i go over to read her blog,
i really dislike her a lot cause i feel that she always FAKE a smile just for the camera.
But after today, my impression totally changed.
I really kinda like her more than before.

Im really happy to work with The Wholesalw Shop
even though i may not know what other challenges or obstacles are ahead, waiting for me, but i know i will never regret to work in The Wholesale Shop(x

Cheers to both TBS & TWS!


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