Jul 30, 2010

Seriously for the past few days of the week,
there's a lot of 'Joke Of The Day' topic/phrase/sentence
but i cant really remember all of it.

So,,, sorry...

For today, is super boring
Just went to school for an hour database class.
& after which, tts it for the day.

Went to North Canteen for lunch.
& PPO bought a cake to celebrate Aaron's belated birthday.
Once Clinton, aaron, mingqiang, ppo & haiqal went off.
Shiming & liangyi started to sing those childhood times songs
like a lot a lot of chinese kinergarten songs & after which to Teletubbies so & so.
After which i started to suggest Bob The Bulider.
Then hanny sang Spongebob,
desmond, edwin & lennie cant take us,
& desmond don have any face to face us,
thus turnin his back to face us

Happy 17th Birthday to Aaron(29/7) (:

Right now, super addicted to Mad World by Adam Lambert

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