Aug 2, 2010

Saw this line/sentence in ZiYin's blog,
'There's Nothing Wrong With Girls Putting Make-Up, But There's Something Wrong With Ugly Girls Not Putting Make-Up'

I do agree with the sentence,
as im one of the 'ugly girl' category.
But, have been hearing a lot of people commenting about young girls putting on makeup.
The age of the 'young girl' category is below 15years old
& there's a girl, in youtube which i watched a few days ago,
was just 8 YEARS OLD
Can you believe it ????
8 YEARS OLD girl teaching girls/ladies out there to apply makup step-by-step.

I do agree that makeup really cover up our imprefections 'trememously'
But, but, i still can't put myself in to accept the fact of a 8 year old child putting on makeup...

Have your say, people...
& recently, a few people 'might not be used' to me putting on eye makeup.
As recently i tried out Michelle Phan 'Natural Beauty' video.
Michelle Phan is an makeup artist & currently, i think, is Lancome's beauty adviser, or something else related to beauty & makeup products.

If you want know what's it like, here's the link to her channel:
MichellePhan's Channel

& today was Digital Electronic exam.
Everyone, ok most of us, were going to ta bao.
Means, we're going to fail.
I totally lose out 24 marks out of not-sure-what's-the-total-mark.
after which went to koufu for lunch.
Such a long time didnt go koufu
as we kept going over to south canteen as its 'nearest' from my class.
After which went to catch

Its just a super nice show.
Dont understand why there's still people who comment 'its such a boring movie'
& i like the wordings 'Your Mind Is the Scene Of The Crime'.
During the movie, me & kamini were super engrossed to the movie
& the sound of the gun shots were so loud & sudden that both of us got a shock as well as a few viewers.
As its super sudden.

i rate Inception, out of 5, FULL MARKS (X

Hahax, seriously you should watch it.
I dont think you'll regret after the movie end.
Trust me, you won't (:

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