Aug 3, 2010

Hi everyone,
have a good new to share...


& that is....


I have finally taken off my braces(:
Have been putting it for 1&1/2 years.
Here's a snap shot when i got back from NDC.

Only the top part has fully taken off.
As for the lower front part,
there're a few 'incooperate' teeth,
therefore have to keep them on.

&, frankly speaking,
not so ues to it when my dentist took it out.
The first that i spoke out was, 'Yeee....'
Cause seriously im so used to my braces
& suddenly you 'take it away from me', feels odd.
Like there's something missing within me )': )':

Not to est/bite any hard solid food for the entire week.
Was thinking how may i going to survive for this saturday's event ???!!!

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