Aug 6, 2010

This few days have been busy with YOG rehearsal.
Keep doin the same old thing again & again & again,,,
till we can memorise all the sequence.

Yesterday was a rather...

For some, may know what's the reason (:
Not going to tell, share keep it within my own self.

& guys, Derrick He Wei Jian.
How do you spell his surname ???
Derrick 'Ho' or Derrick 'Hoh' ???

Edit-ed 8/8;
Can't believe 'they' actually spelt his surname wrongly...
Think will be telling them later on,
during the last & final Full Dress Rehearsal.
Cant believe 'im' the one who got it wrong.
Really, derrick's surname is spelt as 'Hoh'.
i thought its 'Ho' ???

If you guys are wondering what event im up to,,,
Its the YOG Celebration.
My school, NYP, has been settled to be the Party Station for YOG.
& have a lot of celebrities coming down.
Including DJs & Taiwan's Most Recogined Cheer-Leadering Group - 'MONSTER'.

So, if you dont want to miss this BIG EVENT,,,
Held down to NYP tomorrow, in the atrium From 5.30pm - 9.30pm.

See you there (:

& also,
Happy 2nd Birthday to Kaihao(: (4/8)

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