Jul 26, 2010

Seriously i didnt expect my day to be this way.
DE is okie,
didnt listen to lecture but thanks to irwan (: (: (:
c# was super crap...
Didnt expect to be like this.
Was rushin web design when a lot of web page doesnt wanna appear...
& i keep retryin retryin retryin for like up to 8times,
still cant appear...
After which, c# teacher sask me to show her the project,
which i didnt cause the entire c# lesson i was doin web design.
Editin & stuff...
After which, i cant take it anymore...
My tears start to flow,
& seriously i tried to control myself
But the teacher come over for our project,
i start to cry.
& never stop until juli came over to console me.
Thanks girl (:
After lesson,
don give a damn to teacher,
& walk out of class.
Qin came over to ask,
cause her class was just next to mine & she saw my eyes were red...
Told her everything, & she just shout out & scold.
While, thanks qin (:
Appreciate much.
During web design,
almost everyone came over to ask what happen me, y did i cry ???
But thanks to edwin for his hello panda cookies (:
I named it 'De-Stress Panda Cookie'.
Walk around to ask them to eat,
cause can de-stress a bit before presenting web design.
luckily before presenting,
all the wed page went well.
But, Hate School's Internet Access.
Damn super slow
& can see that mr sum damn furious as been makin lots of noise when some other group was presenting.
That's how miserable my day is,
for today.
Let's hope that after tomorrow's dance,
i can feel a bit cheerful & happier (:

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