Jul 24, 2010

Since shiming asked me whether did i posted about yesterday's stuff.
So, here i am
trying to recall what happen yesterday.

Friday, we had database.
& supposed to have a database test but,
all thanks to ppo & mingqiang,
the test was delayed to around 11plus
We almost made mr sum angry.
As he said, 'Cant walk around to ask for answer'
But, a few didnt hit his words.
But mr sum didn scolded us but expressed it through his facial expression.

Lesson end @ 12plus,
went over for lunch in south canteen.
When all of us, or, most of us went out of the class,
left desmond, clinton, shiming & edwin,
So, liangyi went in & said '一家四口' or something.
All i can recall is these 4 chinese words,
which means, 'a family of four'.

After which, went up to level 6 to pass my photography work to teacher
& im so sorry to desmond, lennie & edwin.
Was supposed to ask shiming to accompany me up,
but in the end, 3 of them, followed as well.
Thanks guys (:

On the way, cant remember much,
but can only remembered what happened when we walked down the stairs to level 2
Clinton said something & after which shiming replied to him
& 'this' means shiming 'admit/accept' edwin as her 'boyfriend/stead'.
& after which we started laughing hilariously.
Unexpectedly, they sat next to each other during lunch.
Hahax, we didnt do anything,
it just happened unexpectedly.

After that,
went over to Block E level 3 for YOG.
As yesterday, we had a Samsung Human Touch event in Clarke Quay where there's a big field in front of Riverside Point/Place.
If you have watched the news last night,
you may know what i mean (:
We lighted up the touch @ exactly 2010(24-hr) which is 8.10pm.
During this time in another country called Greece,
which they have this ceremory which light up the flame of the Youth Olympic Touch.
& here are a few photos which i took through yesterday's event (=

The goodie bag & the content.
A popcorn, raincoat, a bottle of water & a towel (a small one which is wrap around your neck)

WA ^o^
A total of 2010 youths from SP, TP, RP, ITE East, Assumption English School & not forgetting
NYP (:

My row number & bag tag number of the event
(i know i look ugly xP)

A bit un-clear, but this is how it looks like for the human touch

Our 'dinner'
beside hotdog, there's also a curry puff.

All the schools & their position

The stage & people
The lights are the touches we're holding to light up the human touch

The 'unexpected guest'
the electronic kite
(i know its blur but this is the best picture i can take using my phone camera)

These are all the photos i took
The rest i have to wait for juli to update in her facebook (:

Have a good night
& good luck to my class for thier web design presentation & hand in c# final project
both on mon.
& to the rest of my photography classmates who haven take their photography presentation,
including me xP
Good Luck!!!!

After next week,
ehhh, not quite
as its going to be our semseter exam when school reopens
on the last week of august ):

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