Jul 22, 2010

Today was a super hilarious day.
Thanks to shiming, edwin, liangyi, clinton, desmond & hanny.

As all knows,
thur is always the 'no-mood' day for everyone
as we've database lecture @ 8am.
&, at the same time,
today's weather was so cooling that my alarm rang @ 6.45am,
i dont even wanna got up & get ready for school.
But, still have to.
Who asked us have to be students,
even adults have to go to work right ???

The most attraction people, in the class, is edwin.
Cause he brought along an umbrella which look like a walking stick to him.
As, recently, he twisted his ankle or something which became our class 'bai-ka'.
Not long, clinton joined in too
as he injuried his ankle ???
& right now, it became from normal skin colour to blue-black.

After the end of cMaths,
which was the end of the day,
desmond, clinton, hanny, irwan, shiming, lennie, edwin, liangyi, eve & me were walking towards the library
& something made us laugh till we've never expect to be that funny.

There is a 'family' in our class
& it's getting bigger & bigger.

So, shiming - mother
desmond - shiming's son
liangyi - shiming's daugther
kamini - shiming's daugther
hanny - shiming's daugther
clinton - shiming's son
& edwin - shiming's husband/brother

So, on our way to the library,
some guys wanted to go to the gents
so desmond helped edwin to take his lappy
while i took his umbrella & shiming asked me to pass it to her cause she 'can't stand her children' anymore.
When clinton came out, left with edwin,
so shiming was like telling him, 'if you dare to come out i'll hit you till death using your umbrella'
then after that, can't remember what happen
suddenly liangyi shouted towards the gents, 'papa, are you done yet ?'
Guess what edwin replied ???
'Yes, yes, yes.'
& that means, he accepted that his shiming's husband & not brother.
So the whole bunch of us were laughing hilarious at the joke
& when edwin came out,
shiming really wanted to use his umbrella to hit
& edwin 'hid' behind desmond (as desmond is quite tall)
After which, i told edwin, 'your face & ears are so red.'
Is like either he's blushing or he laughed till his face turned red...

But overall, its super hilarious
thus liangyi's sentence shall be the 'joke of the day' xD

Tomorrow is database test
& also going down to Clarke Quay for the Samsung Human Touch for YOG!!!
If you're free from 7 - 9pm, tomorrow,
do head down to Clarke Quay
as the Human Touch will light up @ 8.10pm, which is 2010 in the 24-hr timing
where during this time,
the flame shall be light up in Greece & fly over to 5 countries before arriving to Singapore
which is the pit-stop for YOG flame (=

Here's ending off with a picture which i shall never forget...

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