Jul 21, 2010

Today is grandpa's 49th day.
Woke up early in the morning as need to reach the temple by 8plus

Woke up @ 7.30am
Washed up my face, ate my breakfast(which is a slice of plain bread & a cup of Lipton Milk Tea)
After which, waited for my relatives to arrive,
also to wait for my baby brother to finsih his breakfast (which is 'milk-milk' (X )

Reach the temple around 8.45am (super late already)
& arranged all the foods, 'house', 'car', & etc. on the table.
Didnt know that there will 4 more 'new members', cause we took up 3tables
as we brought along a lot of things to 'give' to my grandpa.

Did a few chanting,
offering joss sticks & so.

This is the first time i 'experienced' how the bones were placed into the container or something.
The deceased family members have to use a red chopstick to place it into the container, while the rest will be done by the personal of the temple.

We ended everything by 11.15am
By dad fetched me over to school,
& reached @ 11.35am.

Did my DE lab practice & finished it within the time frame,
which is i dont when...
I think even desmond, who was late for lesson,
also can finished the task within the time frame
Dont really why 'the rest' cant ???!!

Right, left with c#, web design & photography.
c# alomst done, but left with a few things.
Web design left with the external website, & also my team-mates.
Photography, not sure what's the other genre i wanna choose.
I have still life, black&white, landscape & nature.
So, was thinking of food/event.

Good luck to Hanny & ashley who will be doing their photography presentation,
right now (:
As for me, will be presenting next wednesday
& the idiot thing is that, for today,
only have 2 people presenting, which is hanny & ashley.
So, have to say 'good luck' to myself.

thanks to qin.
Manage to find my semester exam timetable.

    31st Aug - CMath, from 9-11am
    7th Sep - Database, from 12.30-2.30pm

Lucky only have 2 modules for this semester (:
But i know that for the next semester will be more difficult than sem1.
Better backup for web design...

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