Jul 10, 2010

Back to bloggin, now...

Have been 'busy&stress up' with projects, presentation & dance practices in a tight schedule.
But have been trying hard to make every seconds worth taking.

Here's my schedule for the week: (as in for the past few weeks even since term starts)
  1. version 1 of c# is over.
    Now for version 2, which is the final 'showdown' & im making last amendments for error checks

  2. Web design is just as great bad as i've thought. Cant really stand my team mates, they haven start on anything a bit yet.

  3. Tue:
  4. cMaths was okie, @ least i have this as one of my favourite subject which didnt make me crazy over projects & stuff like that.

  5. I kinda like photography more & more even since i got the hang on a bit of camera functions & skills. Love the teacher more (x

  6. EPS presentation is drawing near. Have searched out all the required information, just that we haven 'produced' the slides yet.

  7. Wed:
  8. Digital Electronics is getting tougher, especially for 7476 chip IC code no. Failed to get the no '0', '1', '2' to come out on the display broad. Have tried 3times but gave up & tried it for the last time, next week.

  9. Thur:
  10. New topics for c#, which is for-loop, foreach-loop & array. Cant really understand foreach-loop. Hope randy can teach me on that. (i know qin will be laughin like mad)

  11. Database is still the same. No IMPROVEMENT @ ALL. But @ least i've tried to understand durin the lab classes.

  12. Fri:
  13. Com. Skills oral presetation, in other words, indiviual presentation is up next week. Its a bit of rush for us as we dont have lesson on week14, so everyone have to presented their piece on week13.

That's all for studying schedule.
I dont really have to say my dance practice schedule, right ???!!
the days, for you to take note of it (if you want to)

My dance practices for YOG Celebration will be held every Tuesday & Friday......
Not telling you the veune & timings xP
But if you're an NYPians, you may know the veune,
maybe not the timings xP

Basically, that's all the time schedule 'plans'
maybe not plans,
but a fixed 'plans' (still plans xP)

Signing off to do EPS slides on 'A Trip To Bangkok, Thailand.'

May i ask,
what's the first impression/thought of Bangkok ??
You can tell me by tagging (:
Thanks & have a nice day ahead... (Y)

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