Dec 13, 2009

Tomorrow im going Genting.
Goin oversea again...
Last week went to Malaysia,should be the Soutn-west of Malaysia.

While im happy already as i can go to tour Malaysia for twice a month (:
& a thing to feel upset about.
I've being blacklisted from a customer.
Her reason was because im wastin her time,as i've been draggin her time for 2weeks.

While,this is the first time im being blacklisted.
But still,i hope that this wont really affect my sales too much (:
*tryin to be optimistic.

I'll be going for 3D2N tour.
Heard that S'pore famous blogger,iceangel,Esther, is going to Gentin as well.
& she will be going from Tuesday to Friday.
As for me,it's from Monday,tomorrow, to Wednesday.

Hope that i can enjoy my holiday in Genin (:

Last thur,went to Marina Country Club in Pouggol.
The place is surrounded with forest or is it just bushes...
Anyway,the place is very creepy.
I went to eat Sakura Buffet Dinner (:
Went together with xp,fk,gordon,edwin & him...
Felt awkward when sittin right next to him durin dinner & also sittin 'next' to each other,
on the way back home by cab.
All thanks to fk&xp...

In total,our bill, were 207.65 dollars plus 20+ dollars of drinks.
Even though  its expensive but its worth it (:
As we even used durain puffs as our 'birthday cake'.
Will update the photo next time when im back from Malaysia (x

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