Dec 25, 2009

I'm back to bloggin (x
After a long borin week,
im happy that my juniors did well in their n level (:

& most importantly,

went shopping with my dagu & xiaogu @ Orchard.
Bought 2 pairs of shoes from New Look & a pair of jeans from Mango.
Thanks xiaogu for buyin those to congrates me for havin a job when the new year starts (x

Thanks to jiayu jiejie for offerin me this job.
I promise i will do it well (as i'm earnin 50bucks per day)

After shoppin,
Went to my aunt's place for a bbq Christmas party xD
Reach there @ 9plus & didn get lost when findin my way through the dark nights...
Went 'lots' of movies.
Heard they watched 2012 & 食神.
After which watched a ghost movie.
Title should be something on the Haunted Hills.
Damn scary when the nurses,patients & doctor came to claim the actor&actress 's life.
There're a total of 11 people, 6 bad guys, 1 teacher, 1 student & a couple.
The 'house' is spooky as it directs all the baddies to a place where the kill patients alive.
But there is 1 man,a patient, is brave enough to help the couple, actually is Ariel, the lead actress,
to safety.
By showin her how to destroy the curse of the house & also the way which lead them to the statue or something.

I was scared to tears.
All thanks to shuang......
I guessed next time, im not watchin any ghost movie.
Never again, if i can keep this promise xP
& watched 1/10 parts of Coraline.
Its nice, @ 1st, but after that,
they changed to watch that ghost movie.

But still,
had a great laugh & of course,
Dinner (:

Qin&myself countdown ourselves just to direct our minds out of the ghost movie.
But still, only both of us were crazy 'bout it (x
Had a nice Christmas Eve.

& im goin to enjoy myself on the next party which is New Year Eve party (:
May be at shuang's place.
But, yet to be confirm.

not forgettin...
Happy Birthday to the followin friends (:
-ahjie (17/12)
-jiaxin (22/12)
-valene (24/12)
-elaine (25/12)

Here's wishin everyone a happy & joyful Christmas & also a wonderful New Year (:

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