Apr 15, 2010

My timetable is out, but not the 'confirm-ed' ones.
But basically my timetable is better than qin, my cousin xP
who, too, studied the engin info in nyp (:
I think i got her so-called 'send-me-ur-timetable virus' *opps
as i asked yongliang to send me his xP
so that probably can arrange a time to go home together...
as well as qin too (:

Qin heard that she's gonna have night classes for this year,year2
but turns out...
she's just scarin herself >.<

Goin back to my timetable,,,,
its like....
Mon - 10.10-5pm
Tue - 12.05-6pm
Wed - 11-12.55pm
Thur - 8-4pm
Fri - 10.10-4pm

Obviously wed was a hateful day...
i only have 2 periods of lesson & WTH do i have to go to school just for that 1 subject....
Cant believed its true...

Here's a review on qin's timetable (if she don nag @ me for copy&paste it xP)
Monday - 10.10 to 6pm
Tuesday - 2 to 4pm
Wednesday - 8 to 11am
Thursday - 8 to 5pm
Friday - 8 to 6pm

Poor thing as she'd 3days of lessons starin from 8am,
which is the startin school time xP

as 'we' can see...
(in conclusion)
if we're plannin to go back home together,
i have to wait for her on mon, thur&fri
& in return, she has to wait for me on wed only...
Not fair right ???

As some maybe wonderin 'what about tue ???'
Well, i plan to stay over @ my grand's place which is 9stops away if you take bus 72.

That's my plan, for now...
Maybe qin's dad will be nice on both mon&fri to fetch me back home
as she ends @ 6pm
& accordin to her she said her dad 'may' fetch her back to our grandma's place
which is also equal to my house when she ends school @ 6pm [x
Should be grateful to him if he really can hahax.
Must plan with qin first...
or else may have a misunderstandin xP

Got my school's student card/ID....
Yesterday went to school & instead of goin to the Student Affairs Room or something,,,
has to go over to L3 to NYP Lounge...
Didn notice that signboard located @ the elevator until i called shiming to find out from her...
Tks (:

Didn acutally know that @ the time when i reached school,
which is liked 4.26pm ???
there's a lot of students youngsters who haven came to take it when the closin time is 5pm...
I was like.... Waoh!!!!

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