Apr 24, 2010

Can just say that a lot of things happen in school,
this whole week.

Not sure a total of how many things happened
but i can assure you, some are a bit ridiculous, some may have a 'OMG' face
& etc.

Monday, first day of school
19/4 -
first period starts @ 10.10am & the first lesson of the day is digital electronic lecture.
everyone was damn attentive durin lecture.
seems to me like everyone was takin down notes which the lecturer had said

Thn we had a new classmates,
not sure how to spell her name xP
*opps, sry (:

Tuesday, 20/4 -
had my elective course called exploring photography
our tutor introduced us to the history of cameras & the first camera was bulit in the 18th century.
their camera size was the same size as the HDB wall.
Unbeilevable right,
so do i...
after which is presentation skills module.
Our lecturer - mr thong, he's damn funny...
Durin the lecture,
all we did besides listenin to lessons we had lots of hilarious times
all tks to mr thong (:

Wednesday, 21/4 -
Went to school for just 4periods of school
but actually,
its supposed to be 2periods of lessons,
last 2 was consultation lesson for digital electronic (:
but did learn other web codes...

Thursday, 22/4 -
school starts @ 8am
& i cant believed a can reached school before 8 [=
database lecture was super bored
edwin was sleppin with his mouth open xP
& a few were web-cam,
even though they sat just a few rows away or 1 row difference.

Last lesson was C.Math
didn expect randy, qin's classmate & friend too, joined my class...
got the reason from qin is because he failed & retake & got into my class [=

Waited for both syl&qin to end lesson
From a fine weather to a rainy weather...
all tks to qin.
syl also complained to her...
said she's so tua pai(in chinese)
i waited for her for an hr, as for syl, half an hr
& still complained more than me...

Friday, 23/4 -
finally its the last day of the week...
end school @ 4ppm
& the last lesson was com. skill 1
damn borin can...
but what to do when the tutor was like...
her facial expression seems to me like she's a fierce person...
*eehhhh....im scared... xP
ohh & i rushed over to look for qin to pass back her com. skills booklet
which is not the same as mine.

& pen (which is what qin called her)
looks different from the time i lasted saw him...
qin said he cut his hair
yea,,, but the only different was his hair 'volume' xP

& went to watched shutter island

Went with eve, shiming, juliana, OGL- sky&azhari
total 6 of us.
went to Cineleisure Orchard
i rated the moive 4.5/5
the other 0.5 was because the moive was a bit blurry
& there's a lot puzzles for us to think & solve.

But overall,
its a nice movie [=

That's all...
need to finish up on my web design.
got to hand in tmr xP

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