Apr 27, 2010

Something bad happen...
had a mis-communication with my grandmother.
So right now she's very angry
& my aunt is goin to say all to my dad...

So called like 'complain' to my dad about my grandmother
even though this sat we're celebratin my grandfather's birthday (:

"When you're in love,
means you're in love"

Heard this just now via the tv series in Channel 8!

So this is quite a short post
but do bare with me (:

there's a SaSa beauty fair @ hougang mall L1
& i bought 1 makeup base & foundation from Lioele.
The actual price for the makeup base is $25,
but right now, i bought @ $19.90.
As for the foundation, it cost $35 but i bought @ $19.90.
Isnt it a good bargian ???

& the foundation i bought is the best seller foundation called Lioele Beyond The Solution.
So damn happy (:

*just for your info,
the beauty fair ends this friday.

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