Mar 1, 2012

Maybelline Brunch Event @ Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar

Last weekend, 25Febuary, i was warmly invited to attend the Maybelline's Brunch Event
@ Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar in Orchard Central.

I was warmly entertained by the lovely decoration on the wall when i stepped in to the restaurant(:
(above pic)

Ashlyn (not sure if this is how i spell her name) was my 'partner' of the day xD

She was a lovely girl and even care to listen to my boring talks
(that's what you mostly do when you're talking to a total stranger right)
We even exchanged our personal makeup tips and skincare routines xD

Have definitely learn a lot from her♥

Let's get on to the main 'actors'.
Yes, it's with a 's'.
Maybelline showcased to us 4 products which majority will be released in April
and will be available in Wastons, Guardian, and etc.

The first product was the Maybelline's Clear Smooth BB UV White - 02 Natural
Price: $17.90

From what i know, there's 2shades to this BB White and i got to try it in 02 - Natural

  • It's a 3-In-1 product: foundation, skincare, sunscreen

  • It comes in 8 benefits:
  • One of the highest UV protection levels in the market - SPF50 PA+++

  • Brightens up skin tone for more radiance look instantly

  • Even skin tone

  • Smoothes out your pores

  • Protects and corrects your skin from the formation of dark spots due to UV rays

  • Conceals imperfections - which can be a subsitube of your concealer

  • Hydrates your skin

  • Lastly, all day coverage and lasting long

Now, do you have a better understanding why i state it's a 3-in-1 product ??!!
- Hydrates your skin
- Conceal imperfections
- Highest SPF in the market

What's more, Maybelline's new ambassadors:
- Kimberly Chia 谢静仪 -> BB UV White
- Rozz from 987fm -> BB Cream
- Jamie Lim (TNP New Face Winner -> BB Mousse

Each girl have equipped themselves with Maybelline's BB Cream,
read their reviews on the individual BB Creams.

(head down to Maybelline's FB Page if you have difficulties reading it properly.)

My reviews: The BB UV White doesn't feels very oily when applied directly onto my pimples.
Seriously speaking, i don't like using BB Cream ever since i've tried Skin79 BB Cream.

But, i was amazed with Maybelline's BB UV White.
It glides on smoothly on my oily face, doesn't feels oily after wearing it for 8hours under the blazing sun.
What's more, it blends in with my skintone as the coverage is very sheer.

Definitely will be on my Favourite List(:

2nd product - Maybelline's Masterliner in White
Price: $11.90

Maybelline's Masterliner has introduced its product in Brown and Black,
which is currently being sold in Wastons and Guardian (have went over to see for myself)

  • Smudge-proof and waterproof

  • Soft and smooth liner - good for drawing undereye and inner corners

My reviews:
When i first got to try it during the event, i totally don't even want to try on my hand.
Then, my 'partner', Ashlyn, told me it's smooth and asked me to give it a try.
I do obliged using white liner as it either makes my eye look dirty or smudge away within minutes after i've applied it on my undereye.
But, when i used it on my eye, the next day for my window-shopping, i was surprised and dumb-folded.
The liner was very pigmented and it really doesn't smudge as much as my other liner - black and brown pencil liners

3rd product - Maybelline's Magnum Volum' Express Mascara.
Price: $19.90

It's not like any ordinary mascara brush,
wait,its NOT a brush,
it's a COMB.

Thus, it's called ULTRACOMB.

  • Touted as the mascara specially designed for Asian lashes

  • Comb-like bristles promises sleek and ultra-defined lashes

  • SEVEN times more Volume

Here’s Maybelline’s explanation to why this convex brush is a breakthrough technology!

My reviews:
Definitely i MUST if you're a monolid or have short lashes.
I haven tried it on but, from other blogger reviews',
- TOTALLY volumizes the lashes
- Helps to separate lashes so you don't get clumps on your eyelashes
- Can apparently skip the usual zig-zag motion because the bristles ensures every lash is coated evenly with this collagen formula

Last but not least, the final product - Maybelline's Jelly Glow Blush
Price: $15.90

From what i know, it comes in 7 different colors
But we could to try out 4 on the event: Rose Pink(02), Light Peachy Pink(04), Apricot, Warm Cocoa(07)

  • New jelly-liked texture

  • Smooth as cream and light as powder

  • Glides on smoothly on the cheeks

  • Lasting and durable

  • Bouncy cream formula

  • Suits all skin type

My reviews:
I was super excited by the texture, i guess those who attended the event would agreed.
It has this soft texture & it doesn't crumble or break apart easily, almost bouncy!
It has a very subtle glow when you applied on your cheeks(:
What's more their packaging is small and portable to bring - SWEET

During the event,
we were entertained with a fashion show.
Clothes were from Love Bonito and the makeup - definitely from Maybelline.

I was truly astonished to witness the power of makeup through the fashion show.

The fashion show splits into 2sections:
First was the model was doll up with one eye makeup
Second was doll up wiht both of their eyes.

We can truly see the difference between with and without eye makeup.

There is also a makeup artist to share with us some makeup tips on how to apply the BB UV White and etc.

Our brunch was been served into the events.

First was the appetizer - Potato & Carrot soup

My reviews:
Taste nice and appetizing.
I like the corn taste, though xP

Followed by the Main Course
There's 2 main course to choose from - Tuna Spaghetti and Paprika Chicken.

And i chose the Paprika Chicken.

This is definitely a THRUMBS UP
The chicken was very tender but i don't really think the sauce was favouring enough to match.

Lastly, DESSERT♥
Strawberry Shortcake

My reviews:
Have never tried a shortcake before
But have this, i'll definietly try out the rest of the flavors which is currently sold in the dessert market xD

You can feel the strawberries taste within your mouth
and the strawberries act up the taste too(x
What i don't like is the top and bottom layer of the cake,
it's very sticky and always stick onto the plate.

Is this how shortcake are supposed to be ??
If it is, i think i may request them to peel off the layer xD *joke*

Before we end the event, a local artist Mas was there.
He designed an artpiece specially for Maybelline and some of the beauty bloggers were given a chance to write their wishes for Maybelline on the artwork(:

You can find Mas in his webpage -
He is one of the best illustrator in Singapore too!

Here is what i got from Maybelline:
For the Jelly Glow Blush, i got it in Rose Pink and Warm Cocoa(:

Here's a final photo with Ashlyn to end my loooooooooooooooong post♥

*Credits to the blog for their pictures(:


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