Mar 21, 2012

Mini Advertorial

Have you ever came across a time when you're not sure what to wear or how to match your favourite/wanna-try-new outfits when going out for your date,girls' outing or school ??!!

Well, seriously speaking, I DO have this kind of problem.
Whenever i'm going out with my friends,
i always like to plan beforehand what to wear.

But when i open up my wardrobe,
i start to panic.
Looking at all the different types, styles, colors and designs of clothings makes me wonder, 'what should i wear ??!!'

&it will always take up about 30mins of time on the day itself
(even though i've prepared beforehand what i wana wear)

What im gonna introduce to you, today, will DEFINITELY save ALL OF THIS PROBLEMS(:

Introducing - BlogShopBuzz
BlogShop Buzz is the premier online magazine that brings blogshoppers the best insights on the latest trends, collection launches, events, deals and all happenings around the online shopping community.

Not only do they bring in the best insights on the latest trends,
they do have a weekly giveaway.
For this week's giveaway,
it's sponsered by CatWalkClose featuring their Side Ruffle Top In white
Here's the link on how you can enter the contest(:

They cater to all ages like OLs and teenagers.
The latest review they did on was the Dos and Donts on how to wear on a picnic.
My favourite review is how to match your sheer top which is wearable on all occasions.

What's more, they welcome all your comments and reviews on a certain fashion styles or on the latest ternds

Head on down to BlogShopBuzz to read all their latest articles!
Don't forget to subscribe and Like their FB page for the latest updates(x

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