Mar 21, 2012

Work - SmartKidsAsis Expo Fair

Last weekend,
i went to work in Smart Kids Asia Expo Fair under Bio-Oil.

Seriously speaking,
never know that helping out/working in event is so tiring.
Especially your poor legs and foot.

My poor little toe got injuried after the entire 3day long event from standing.

What i think, among the entire event, the most attractive thing/show is the Three Little Pigs performance on the second day and a special performance from a band and a group of kids playing the Ukulele on the last day.

The 2 Little Pigs

There's 2guys, at the side of the stage, flashing cards on the note that the kids are supposed to play during the performance.

The Ukulele

When it comes to work plus, when you're bored,
you'll definitely take pictures with your colleague
But sadly, i forgot to take with huiling, my colleague for the entire event.

The saddest thing i ever did is taking picture, alone, in the restroom.
Nevertheless, i tried out 2different looks.

What do you guys think ??
Which 'pose' or look suits me ??

During the event,
there's a few unhappy moments and a few enjoyable moments.
What's most important is that i met a few friends beside huiling(x

In total,
we sold 105bottles of Bio-Oil when there's 168 bottles
At least we tried our best to promote and sell it off to customers.

I really had a great time during the 3day event
and the worse ever experience of standing throughout the event which cause minor injuries to my poor little toe):

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