Jan 9, 2010

For this whole week,,,
only 2 words to describe...

Monday actually should be reporting to work but they changed to next week.
So i have to wait till next week monday.
But, out of the blues, mon will be the most important day for me
As its the release of O level result.

Damn scared&excited.
Not sure what to expect for my result.
I have already prepare for the worse marks which is ...

So my 1st day of workin will be next tuesday.

Thursday---Ngee Ann Poly
Went over to NP for their open house.
Damn lots of students, wearin school uniform.
Saw Raffles, Bedok North & a few not-sure-what-school it is.
Went to look for my mum, who worked @ np.
Walk from IT school-Makan Place-FMS-Media School
& finally to Chemical & Life Science School.
Was damn tiring as we have to walk up 2-3 slopes & lots of stairs.

But i managed to ask, all thanks to my mum, what i wanted.
& i've selected CBE(N56)
Look for yourself if you want to know what's that course xP
& from the lecturer, i know how to differentiate Biomedical & Biotechnology.

If you like to study about how to cure illness like cancer,
You can choose to take Biomedical Science.
If you like to study about plant cells & anything related to plant,
You can choose to take Molecular Biotechnology.

Fri---Nanyang Poly
Asked & persuaded qin to company me to her sch, nyp.
When we reached nyp,
first went to the south wing library to look for her classmates.
Then walked around by our 'tour guide', zw.
Luckily, its not like last year.
He showed us around & quietly waited for me (:
As im askin 'qns' to answer my doubts on Pharmaceutical Sciences.
& the lecturer actually explained all the science courses in a so-called mindmap version.

& through this,
I've selected C73.
He said that if you like to do research on medicine or other kinds of medical treatment research,
You can choose to study Molecular Biotechnology.
If you like to do clinical tests & stuff to see if the medicine is suitable for any age range people or etc. ,
You can choose to study Pharmaceutical Science.
If you like to make the medicine,
You can choose to study either Biologics & Process Technology or Chemcical & Pharmaceutical Technology.

Its good & fun to hear & speak to all this nice lecturers.
They are friendly & very patient in answering every single qns which i asked.
Thanks to all Chemical & Life Sciences lecturers,
all of you have answered my qns & ease my doubts.

Later may be going to Singapore poly (sp)
Still waitin for my dad to bring me over xP

Wish all o level graudates to score well.
& get into your desire courses in either poly or JC or institutions.

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