Jan 18, 2010

These few days have been busy working...
Right now im still workin,
but im havin lunch break xP

Currently workin @ The Furniture Mall @ Beach Road.
They are havin a 15th Anniversary Sale, winnin a cash prize up to $100K.

let's see what i have did from last last week (which is e 1st week) to last week.

On the 5-7 jan i went around all polys except for RP&TP,
for their open house.
5th jan went to NP.
6th jan to NYP.
7th jan went to SP.

9th jan went over to JB, Malaysia for my relative's weddin dinner.
Heard she's my daddy xiaogu's youngest daughter's weddin dinner.
I took a few photos & to tell you the truth,,,
she's beautiful.
Once sayin;
All bride will always be the most beautiful lady in that wedding dinner (:
& i agree to that saying...
Will update the photo if i can to have the chance to xP

11th jan,
the 'doomsday'.
The day where everyone is waitin for...
The Release of GCE O Level Leaving Examinations.
I did not scored that good.
But congrates to Samson who is the top scorer for the Sec5 level (:

12-15 & 18th jan,
you know already la...
If you did not know,,,
then please scroll up...

This is a very short post...
Currently playin FarmVille in fb.
Add me as your neighbour if you want to (:
You're mostly welcome.

& later on may be watchin Hi! My Sweetheart esp 1
as i have this habit, ever since the 2nd day @ work,
for the last one hour i like to watch taiwan dramas.
Last week i finished watchin Momo Love & KO3.
Going back to work le...
Hope that till next week,
i happy with my work & also the $$$

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