Jan 23, 2010

This few weeks have been busy with data entry.
& thats the job im currently workin as.

For this week,
my office had been busy distributin red packets & red packet bags.

Tuesday went for my dental appointment,
after which went to bugis for my lunch.
Went over to Wastons & saw lots of makeup products from Za,Maybelline,Fasio,Rimmel & Majoriko Majoriko [sorry if i spelt wrongly but i really dont know how to spell]
&,just @ the right time when im going to buy those products,
Today newspaper had published out a 20% discount advertisment for selected makeup brands & selected facial wash brands.
Was so happy & overjoyed when i saw the adv.
So once i got my pay,
i'll definately go & purchase them...
*makeup wait for me............

& the promotion last from 21/20 jan to 12/14 feb.

Advertise Time...


My Dressing Report has opened a mini collection for the weekend.

Do support her (:

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