Jan 24, 2010

Finally,as promised,
here are the pictures which i took from the weddin dinner on 9Jan
@ JB.

Enjoy (:
*Note: some of the photos are blur as i always have shaky hands.
& some of dishes name i have already forgotten so,
do bare with me (:

the Menu

my table number

the gift
inside is some traditional cookies & sweets

the bride & groom

the waiter&waitress of the day

seriously i forgot the name xP
but in mandarian, it is known as 'cold dish' (i translate from chinese to english)

the singer also known as the entertianers from some famous freelance singers.


its not abalone but small mushrooms
we thought its abalone )':

forgotten xP

fried 雪鱼 (sorry as i dont know its name in english)

my relatives & the groom's parents & the bridesmaid & best-man


& here are some photos taken quite a long time ago.

my dagu's birthday cake which we celebrated on the eve of New Year (:

photos taken when i went over to Malaysia using the damn old train
which linked from S'pore to cities in Malaysia & also from S'pore to Thailand.

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