Jan 28, 2010

Back to update.
Currently still workin @ TFM.
Yesterday got our posting results.
The result was that most of us got posted to NYP.
As for me, im posted to NYP too
But takin a IT course.

Did consider to appeal but the COP is just way to difficult for me to appeal.
So, i striked out that consideration.
Will be re-taking my english, which i failed
& probably my POA too.
If i re-take POA,
will be 'fighting' with my sis more as she took my POA textbook xP

Still under consideration of re-takin POA.
But if i really re-take,
i will definately change my attitude towards that subject
as i have a bad impression towards POA in my secondary scholl days
which, right now, i regret it... very much.

Only 2 of my friends posted to NP, which i currently know.
4 to RP- better appeal or else you will be stick to presentation everyday of the week.
4-6 to TP-most of them were posted to Business course
& the rest...
While NYP (:
2-3 to SP-which i think is set as their 2nd choice.

For those who are appealin or have already appeal,
good luck & hope you are happy if you got selected if not,
you're stick to the damn current ones.

Have a great day guys (:

Time for some fashion trends xP

Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day falls on the same day for this year.
Therefore a lot of retail shops & restaurants are thinking ways to attract more customers to buy/consume their new items/dishes.

here are some blogshops. which i came across,
have good bargain sale & discount just for the last-minute-shopping girls/ladies.


Featuring lots of flowy dresses and also a few tops for casual /dressed down days.
Lookout for a white crochet dress with a black bow ribbon of extremely high quality workmanship and also Classy silky gradient frocks that is great for work and after!
There will be a sweet lovely light pink dress for e sweeties which is perfect for e coming Cny/ V 'day!
Last but not least , a gorgeous tiered dress in 2 colors!
Cherry and deep rum !
there will be no bkorders for this collection
as e the factories will not be able to re-produce all these in time before Cny (:
Happy shopping!
*copyrights from the web& mailin list (:


Visit these 2 blogshops.
More comin out soon by this week (:

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