Sep 10, 2009

Back from my b'dae dinner with xiaogu & dagu.
Went Kovan to eat.
& the stall is rather 'unique' as you can choose to sit @ either in a air-con room or w/o air-con.
This is the first time i've seen this kind of arrangement (:

In the afternoon,
went TM to watch movie with b'dae girl,joyce.
Promised to meet @ 1.45pm,
guess what...
They reached @ 2.15plus...

Nvm,as im 'patient' *hehex.
Went over to gv cinema,
none of the movies interested us.
Went over to shaw brother & chose 'the time traveler's wife'.

Its a nice&touchin show.
Me&joyce cried.
Not jiaxin as she's 'heartless' xP

Overall rating,i give 4/5
The other 1mark is missin is because some of the scene are quite blurrin & you're not sure what had just happened.
But,its a nice show.
Do watch it (:

After that,bus-ed to Kovan to look for my dagu who is working in a Chirst Bookshop.
Closed @ 6pm,do accounting&packing.
After that went over to Heartland Mall,as dagu want to cash out a few bucks $$$.
& went in to popluar to wait for xiaogu as she worked quite far away from Kovan.
7pm,walked over to bus-stop to look&wait for xiaogu,
after that walked over to the stall.

I cant really explain what it's like.
But it sells lots of small dishes.
& its tasty&affordable too.
6 dishes plus 3 bowls of porriage,1 bowl of rice & 2 cups of barley cost $20.
Cheap ??

That's all for today.
& tomorrow
will be openin a mini collection @ 9pm sharp.
Do support her (:

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