Sep 13, 2009

Sponsored Advertorial:

Kristineyunny has opened its mini collection 23.
Lots of appeal are selling out fast.

This Pocahontas Empire Frock is left with 3pc.
1 Pc Anchor Oversized Top with zipper bottom
Korean Inspired Baby-Breathe Frock in Baby Blue & Pink.
Pink has been sold out.
Left with baby blue in 1 last pc.
All the pcs that are uploaded in this collection are exclusively imported by the onwer.
Grab these pretty dresses before its gone.
& important thing is that there will not be any backorders.
There will be a new collection up this mondat,14 september.
@ 8.30pm sharp.
A sneak preview on the collection
Do wait till tomorrow for a new fabulous collection (:

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