Sep 17, 2009

All subject results are out.
Failed 3.
Passed 3.
Nice right?
L1B2R2-> 32 ):
My target & prelim scores are so afar....

Must work,seriously i have to.
Need to cut down things as follows:
1. Computer (to tempting)
2. Drama shows
3. Going out (but this week special as its my b'dae xP)
4. Thinking of unreasonable stuffs

Have been tryin hard to cut down on 'those' things
but 'temptation' is always the killer to me.
Any good advice xP

Some may suggest:
1. Draw up a timetable
2. Study groups
3. TYS
4. Do more practice papers
5. etc.

Timetable->cross out
Study groups->cross out
Practice papers->half checked,half crosse out

Think my target score will be left there,alone.
Just like my incident...

Im not sure why i tend to keep everything to myself
Keep everything away from them
& suffers alone...
There are friends & family to help
But im stupid of not telling.
Nothing in this world seems to 'accept' my presence.
pieces of fragments flying everywhere.
... say what ... like,
... say what ... like.
Different people have different comment on different people.
Like attitude,
Way of saying things,
Way of doing things
& more.
But what i hope is to end this period of time
& enjoy like peacefully & easily.
That's the kind of world i want.
That's the kind of world i need,now.
All my mind has set for is to finish my EOY exam
& never bother about all 'these things' again.
*Sorry if i've hurt people's feeling
But i didn't state anything about the 'people'
i don't want to cause any trouble
But just stating down my thoughts only.
No offence.

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