Sep 21, 2009

Nothing seems right for this few days
But thanks to pig!
Im full of joy...

He's always there for me when im in 'mood-less' position
Even though he dont really understand my words (as he cant understand most of the chinese words)
& keep typing 'even i though understand lol' or 'why neh'...

he seems funny in his words but,,,
okie la...
I can still teach him a few words (:
Thanks pig for those words...
Appreciate ur 'counsole'...

Cant really get to sleep,
so took out all the papers that my subject teacher had given me for the holiday...
Have got lots of motivation from raymond,
who is a nutter during tuition.
You should see how CRAZY he was in doing those papers,
after we knew our prelim results.

Din went out during weekends as its time for last preparation for o level...
I know the sec5s' aren't doing very good for their prelims,
but i think,most of us,wanted to prove to the school that we can make it

Off to bed.
Tomorrow,early in the morning will be going to alexandra bridge.
Going to be a tiring day tomorrow xP
Nights earthlings...

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