Sep 8, 2009

Today went ION Orchard the 2nd time.
Was even more fun than the 1st time,
get to shop more places xP

1st,went to NDC for app.
Went to extract out a baby tooth & it hurts ):
After that,trained to Orchard with my mum as she companied me to NDC.
Meet up with si yi & my sister,piggy xP
Swensens for lunch & was super happy to let out more ice-cream flavours
as ION Swensens was having a  Opening Promotion which is ice-cream buffet.
Over 50 flavours to choose from& there are also a few pastries like cakes,pies&etc.
Didn managed to try out the pastries.
Here are a few flavours&toppings which the 4 of us tried.

My mum's creation
Si yi's creation
My sister's creation
My own creation,simple&nice (:
After that,went shopping.
The 1st shop we went into is Sephora.
Which sells a lot of cosmetics&perfumes&cleansing products.
Like Mac,Kose,Lanegie & more.
& there's also a lot of new brands which cant be found in any department stalls in S'pore.
Like,if im not mistaken,Princess,Sephora & more.
I think there's a total of over 40 kinds of makeup&skin care products.
Here's a few pictures for you to see how 'wonderful' Sephora is.

The shop,which is located @ level 1,next to the directory.

Sorry for capturing so little pictures as the security guard are guarding around the shop.
Next,went to Istean @ Shaw House.
Shop around a few minutes,
Went in these&that shops.
After that,went out & saw a few small stalls which sells clothes,bags,accessorises&hats.
Bought 2hats,1 for my sister,the other for someone's birthday present xP
The stall,outside Shaw House.
My sister&me trying out the hats.
Si yi,my sister&me
My mum joined in after that xP
Walk to Far East.
Didn expect level 3 to have so much unique shops like Mimosa,Neutral Shops,Fashion Bar & more (:
All recommended in magazines like Seventeen! & Teenage .
Took bus 518 home,
reached home @ 6.45plus.
Dame tired.
But was happy i finally bought the present for the special someone (:
Hope he will like it. 
& the restroom in ION is way cool.
In B1,
you need to walk through 3doors,after that once you see the sign which shows you either the left or the right is the guys or the ladies,
you need to walk a 'long' hallway before reaching the restroom.
In the restroom,its so 'mirror' & black as i think the theme should be easy&plain colours.
So the colours are basic black& think a bit dark brown.

The door which you have to walk through,
sorry for blur picture.
The display sign
'Hers',the ladies
'His',the guys
Didn capture the guys >.<
The 'mirrors' inside the restroom.
& mirrors are adjustable.
Only the center once.
& the high-tech directory which is located @ the information counter.
That's all for today (:
Hope you enjoy. 

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