Sep 7, 2009

Will be posting up a small post
as i've got nth to post,recently...

Celebrating my baby bro's 'chinese' b'dae @ my grandmother's house.
Had a little party,
& everyone was happy for my baby bro as he's finally a year old C=

Simple cake by DJ Bakery
My baby brother C=
Isnt he cute ??!!
My grandparents with b'dae boy
Baby brother cutting the cake with the help of my grandmother.

Went ION Orchard
The place was extremely huge&big.
Cant even find where Swensen's is.
The ice-cream buffet menu.
Had a nice time with fengkuan,xiaoping & boiboi(:
Reached home round 10.30pm
Will capture more photos on ION when im going back to shop @ cosmetics&shoes C=
All my favourite
& Bobbi Brown will be opening its stall @ ION B1/2 soon.

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