Sep 24, 2009

Have changed my blogskins (:
Saw this kind of suits my mood & feelings.
So that i don't have to clash with joyce.

Today school was usual.
Nth 'special' happen but lots of papers waiting for us to attempt.
Have being staying up late for the past few days as i have to finish up all papers by the next lesson.

Afternoon Humanlities lesson was a bit different as we're bended according to our prelim scores.
Think those who failed will be in Stephanie Choo's class,
Poa students one side,pure geography students another side.
So left with us,the 'SS passer' xP
will be at the hall.

Did SBQ & teacher was nice to go through all the qns instead of 1.
That's what he said when all of us stepped into the hall...
Go through all the way till 3.25pm which is end of lesson & school.
Class rep. to collect the worksheets & the boys to arrange back the chairs where it's supposed to be,which is @ the back of the hall.

Met 'uncle'.
Was supposed to eat ljs with him & bing xiang but didn't.

After that spot melmei & went back home together when she's going to tuition while i'm going home.

That's all for today.
Need to go back & finish up all the papers or else have to stay up till midnight again....

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