Jun 22, 2010

Damn freaking pissed off...
All thanks to web design.
Seems like most of the class have not touch anything on web design.
Everyone is doing their c# = POC = Principle Of Computing, just like ME (=

Yesterday went back to school, to do web design.
But ended up doing c# xP
Today, right now, say going to put 110% attention & concentration on web design...
But... i really did a few.
Like calendar, adding event for my calendar & (maybe) photo gallery.
But still, turn my attention to c# xP

I know i'm not good in web design, not like i'm bad in it.
But i seriously do not know where should i start from.
Lazy & shy to ask mr sum for help,
when randy said he's in school.

After which,
facebook 'hopping'.
Saw a few profiles & when i saw ...'s profile,
got ... photos on it.
Not sure why when i saw ... happy face,
i started crying.
Luckily its not that obvious, all thanks to 'pig' aka brother, kor kor.
Thanks (:

Now staring at my lappy,blankin.
But at least im sourcing out for weather & traffic updates.
They told to source for RSS.

Suresh & a guy called brain, were sleeping.
Andrew & adeline went somewhere to finsih/discuss their project.
Randy reading a book called Forbidden Game.
Qin watching her video.

~~~~~~~~~~signin off~~~~~~~~~~

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