Jun 16, 2010

Been working on c# project for straight 2days.
Monday went over to Bugis Junction for lunch with wenting, shiming, clinton, desmond & edwin.

After lunch, the guys went over to Sim Lim Square for edwin's 'wife'
while the rest, together with liangyi, went over to NLB, National Library Broad, to look for seats.
Sadly, there wasn't any available seats.
Even those who went for lunch just left their stuffs on the seats & went off.
Went over to Basement 1,
no luck too.

So, slack & think of other possible places to study.
Thought of Mac, so we walked over to Bras Basah Mac which is a few metres away from NLB.
After which, the whole afternoon,
we did our work in Mac.
We did cMaths, c# project & also c# e-quiz.
& surprisingly, none of us knew that Mac had a 'special' promotion.
Where you have to select any 3 items, whether its large drink, large fries, ice-cream & etc.,
it will only costed you $5.
Can you believe it ???
That's so extremely cheap & affordable for light snacks.
I bet you didn't know about this promotion right ???
Same goes to all 7 of us.
We didnt know until liangyi told us about it.
(Not sure how they got to knew it)

I'm not 100% sure that all Mac outlets have this 'special' promotion.
Think you asked them first before you ordered for it (:
If you get to try out, do feel free to tag me
so that next time i can buy it for snacks (:

Just now, went over to AMK Hub for lunch.
But not "IN" AMK Hub but "OUTSIDE".
Went over to S11.

  • Bus-ed down to school.

  • Went over to Cheers! as edwin was late, so it was meant to be his punishment

  • Straight to the library

  • By the way, (must make myself clear)
    actually, edwin was supposed to pay for our drinks
    but we're good people so we paid it, in the end.

    Finsihed up our c# project & e-quiz till 5plus.
    But, we managed to finish "a bit" of the c# project.

    Heard that my parents 'they all' are planning to go over to Bangkok.
    No interest for me @ ALL.
    So i decline them & probably will be staying in my grandmother's place or stayed 'alone' @ home,
    together with ahpig, my 2nd sister.
    She's not going too, reason being, she went before during her primary's excursion trip.
    & she claimed that there's all shopping & shopping & shopping...
    Most of it.
    Will be asking my parents to buy a few items, like watches, wallets, clothings & so & so...

    Just finished watching a 'free' broadcast of the Fifa World Cup on Portugal vs Cote d'lvoire.
    Guess what's the final score ???
    Its a 'DRAW'
    None of the team scored.
    Therefore, the final score is 0 - 0.
    Waste of my time to watch the game.

    Hope that Spain can win >.< (x xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tomorrow will be going to 'visit' my grandpa. Which marks the 15th 14th day after his death.
    Days pass by so fast
    like it just happened yesterday...
    Everyone told me tomorrow is the 3rd week
    & i still thought its the 2nd week!!!
    This means that...
    I'm still staying in the past,
    not moving on...
    I'm still lingering on the day which you left
    & not moving on like everyone did.
    Its be hard for everyone
    ever since you left.
    But we've tried to stay happy
    & contiune with our normal rountie
    without making you worrying about us.
    Hope that in your next life,
    you will stay healthy & happy
    & live old with your loved ones
    like us, your family.
    We will always be your family,
    always your happy & proud family (:

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