Jun 3, 2010

suddenly everything seems to have change...
all the normal, usual things that happened around
have change...
sheets of red paper 'decorating' the whole room
the room used to be full of laughter & noise
but today was rather peaceful & quiet.
the eyes of the people are so watery like the Pacific Ocean,
the movement of the people are faster & cooperative like a swarm of bees.
the sound of paper cutting,
mumbling voices,
stiffing sound,
cooperate spirit
a sense of calmness...
Nothing is going to stop,
nothing is going to contiune,
nothing is going to change
that the event is here...
Everyone does not dare to speak a word,
does not dare to say a word,
does not dare to move too much,
does not dare to irritate people
but just sitting down,
thought things through before you speak.
All i wanna say is...
"You're the best!"
"You will always be in our heart."
"We will listen to your words & do it, to achieve the highest reward we can."
"We will take the step carefully & slowly so that we won't fall into the trap"
"We will always be there."
"We will always be happy"
"As this, is what you always want..."
"A Happy Family,Staying As ONE!!"

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