May 30, 2010

Went to had my lunch cum breakfast in a "high-class" hawker center...
okie, not hawker center, but a restuarant.
A neighbourhood restuarant in Upper Boon Keng Road.
Its actually a buffet lunch which is quite good (as you can waste food xP )
Erm...not being bad here,
but, of course, DONT WASTE FOOD!!!
As if i waste food, i'll always think of those kids in 3dr wrold countries & also those countries hit by natural disaster like China, Taiwan, Indonesia & etc.

I think, we total had 28 dishes of food...
plus a few dishes which we called in small amount.,size...
So, im not sure what's the actual number of dishes we've tried.
But all i can say is that, the waiter/waitress must have got a shock from us for ordering 'so much' dishes...
hahax, 11 of us went to dine in.

Here's for you to share, only can share the pictures, not the taste xP

This is the 'endin part' for today's lunch (:

All the desserts they served.
I like the Logan Pineapple (:
Honeydrew sago is okie but too watery.
For the above 2, not sure what's the name but i don like both.
The black one with white juice (coconut cream) should be hot
but they served cold ones, so not very nice.

Deer meat
Not bad, the meat is very tender.

*in chinese
you tiao with fried dofu

fried mee *a thumbs up for this dish

Different kind of prawn dishes.
We tired the cereal prawn & the left pic, im not sure what's the name.

spring roll

Left is tom-yam soup.
Not spicy nor sour.
Right is kang gong

Goose meat
*warning, don eat too much as you may die.
That's accordin to chinese doctor, in the past.

But its nice (:

Steam&fried fish ???

One of my favourite.
Hot-plate tofu (egg tofu in circle shape) with egg (x

Both chicken/ one chicken one duck

Coffee pig-something
don really like it as the coffee (sauce) is bitter.
To me.

Sea cucumber

Shark fins
with addn $2


Not sure but its nice (:

Century eggs
didnt try, don really like century eggs xP

Sea snail
that's waht my parents told me.

Fruit salad with prawns (:


After which,
went over to visit grandpa.
Its been a few weeks since i last visit him in SGH.
Now, he's in Dover Park Hospice, near TTS (if you know where's the place)

When my dad drove in to the place,
makes me remember a scene in Ghost Whisperer.
The place is actually very nice&cooling.
When i went in to his ward,
i cant believe my eyes...

Now, i finally understand why qin&ahjie saw him,
they will feel like crying...
Or maybe,,,cry in front of him.

Not going to describe how he looks like,,,
but really, lookin at him you'll feel&understand the pain he's been all this weeks.
My ...... said he's going to be blind, soon...
Not sure of the reason.
But we can see that, when he saw my brother, which is his grandson,
he's so happy.
Seems like all the pain within him is gone & is recovery soon.
I even cried 2times, without lettin others know.
I shed my tears so that i dont show my 'real' expression out in front of my grandpa.

I know that everyone hope he can get well,
but i guess its not possible anymore...

Please let my grandpa be ok.
Please let him be painless.
Please let him be happy.
Please let him be able to leave the ward-room
& able to go back home.
Please let him be ok.
Let him be able to celebrate his birthday
with happiness & joy.
Let this be a memorable part for him & everyone of us
which will never be replaced...
Birthday post time...
Happy 18th Birthday to nil (30/5) (:

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