May 29, 2010

A lot of things happened...
Have studies,
have family things,
have personal things
& what's more awaitin for me to handle/deal with...

Since i've already 'conquer' the toughest problem in my entire life,,,
what other difficult/challengin stuff i have not attempted,
do 'pop' out now or else i wont entertain you as its time for me to put 100% attention&hard work on to my modules project.

Have told you before on my previous post...

  • c#

  • web design

  • effective presentation skills

  • cmaths& c# test next week

  • ...

    I think that's all till term breaks(:
    Cant wait for term-break(x

    Next is im goin to introduce to you a nice buffet dinin place in Shaw Plaza @ Balestier Road
    Actually its nothing special to you,
    as its Sakaru Buffet & i think should be $22/adult for lunch buffet.
    Even though i know its damn expensive,
    but its worth it, for me, in gerenal xP

    Here's a few pictures which i took, quite little xP

    Fruit salad with honydrew & honeydrew & honeydrew,,,still its honeydrew (x

    Satay (pork/chicken)

    'shark fin' soup

    bbq beef

    On the left is pekkin duck
    on the right is salomn,cooked ones

    grilled chicken

    fresh own-made mushroom soup


    Pizza, not nice >.<

    is that how you spelt ???

    Sushis (x

    Tom yam soup
    its hot&sour, not very spicy
    That's all i had.
    Didnt really took the desserts concer xP
    They even served laska, ice-cream, jelly, pudding & more.
    Do visit!!!
    Shaw Plaza @ Balestier Road.
    & here's the birthday concer...
    Happy 18th Birthday to Alvin,secondary school friends(29/5) (:

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